PT BLST IPB University Discusses Opportunities and Solutions for Agricultural Businesses in the Pandemic Period

The COVID-19 pandemic weakened the business sector, including in agriculture. Various types of efforts were made to avoid a food crisis due to declining agricultural production. One of them is by strengthening studies on agricultural business during the pandemic, as conducted by PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST) IPB University. PT BLST is a commercial business unit under the auspices of IPB University. The institute is holding an online seminar titled "BLST Leaders Talk", (28/05). This activity is the first series of seminars, with a discussion related to opportunities and solutions for Indonesian agricultural business in the midst of COVID-19.

Present as the speaker was Ir Dadang Syamsul Munir, MM as a start-up expert, as well as the Director of PT Botani Seed Indonesia. While the participants of this activity are people of various types of occupations and ages. The number of participants was around 478 people from various regions in Indonesia.  The activity began with remarks from Ir Hanan Utoro, President Director of PT BLST. In his remarks, Ir Hanan explained that the "Leaders Talk" activity was held as a form of PT BLST's contribution to face the new normal era in the pandemic. Activities will be carried out as many as nine series which are held routinely every week.

The inaugural discussion was opened by Prof. Arif Satria as Chancellor of IPB University. Prof. Arif said that agriculture has the potential to win and lose competition in the midst of the plague. In order to win, practitioners in agriculture must be productive and able to carry out activities efficiently with new technology.

"We can win with new ways, new thinking and new work. Not just production, but also about marketing, so that products can penetrate new markets. Hopefully BLST can continue to be useful and inspire many parties to get out of the crisis and we come out as winners, "said Prof. Arif. The discussion was divided into two sessions which included the presentation of material and questions and answers. Submission of material is divided into four main topics in the form of discussion related to macro-agricultural conditions during the pandemic. Then discuss related to the model of agricultural business development systems and the challenges and opportunities for the community

Ir Dadang said that the agricultural business had many challenges in the pandemic era. A growing issue is healthier and safer agricultural products for health. This must be responded to by creating new seeds and using new technologies for production to marketing. Business must also be based on collaboration and innovation in order to survive.

"Agriculture must use technology from outside agriculture. This requires a lot of integration of many fields by way of collaboration. Furthermore, there will be more organic agriculture products with the main base being sustainable and digital agriculture, "added Dadang.

The discussion went well from the beginning to the end of the activity. During the question and answer session the participants were so enthusiastic that the questions answered had to be chosen in advance by the moderator. The discussion was concluded with a message that agriculture will still be needed, because everyone needs food. Food problems must be done with dedication and collaboration by all parties. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 29-May-2020

Resource Person : Ir Dadang Syamsul Munir, MM

Keyword : PT BLST, IPB University, Agriculture Business, COVID-19, agricultural challenges, Indonesian food.