P2SDM IPB University Holds Online Coaching Clinic for UMKM

The Center for Human Resource Development (P2SDM) Institution of Research and Community Development (LPPM) IPB University holds Online Coaching Clinic for upgrading UMKMs themed “Percepatan Food Evolution dalam Bisnis Kuliner di Tengah Pandemi COVID-19”, (12/5). These online coaching clinic programs are part of a continuation from the micro and small businesses clinic program with the Cooperation Service, UMKM Kabupaten Bogor with P2SDM. The goal of this program is to help micro businesses upgrade into small businesses.

The head of P2SDM, Dr Amirrudin Saleh has expressed that this activity is done to give solutions to micro, small and middle sized businesses (UMKM) especially in the culinary business during the pandemic. As we know it, UMKMs are nearly paralyzed, due to the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), physical distancing and social distancing to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This forces culinary businesses to close and not receive consumers as they are used to. “UMKM owners need to know the strategies they can do so their businesses don’t go bankrupt,” he explained.

This event invited entrepreneurship consultants and practitioners to coach, Drs Suwiryo Cokro, MM. In this opportunity he presented to hundreds of participants between students and young business owners that during this pandemic they need to undergo a ‘food evolution’.

“UMKMs need to be able carry Indonesian food culture to everyone. Case studies done regarding the acceleration of food evolution in the culinary business is the lack of inherent standard product diversity, the amount of variations in demand in the supermarket, food culture that can be accepted by the younger generations and practicalty,” he explains.

Indonesia is a country with really high bonus demography. People around the age 25 are considered brand enthusiasts. Around 170 million residents of 68% will be 25 on the 2015-2035 period. Other than that, compared to Malaysia, Indonesia has a higher population of varying youngsters as much as 29%, Singapore 4,5%, Australia 24% and Thailand 67%.

“For that, we need to be able to understand your opportunities, challenges, strengths and weaknesses in the culinary business. An example of smart business in the middle of pandemic is the business of frozen foods,” he closes. (IAAS/RCD)


Published Date : 20-May-2020

Resource Person : Dr Amirrudin

Keyword : P2SDM, LPPM, IPB University, UMKM, Pandemi COVID-19