IPB University, Undip and UB Hold the Independent Campus Teaser

"Sensory Lecture Special: Nutrition and Sensory" webinar (15/5) which discusses Sensory Evaluation to be a teaser or an experiment to realize the Merdeka Campus. This lecture was held by the Department of Food Science and Technology, IPB University in collaboration with the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University (Undip) and Agricultural Product Technology Study Program, Universitas Brawijaya (UB).

"This lecture was attended by 340 students. This is possible because it can be attended by three students from three universities in Indonesia, namely IPB University, Undip and UB. From this lecture we can experience the different lecturers in the same subject at various universities in Indonesia. Of course this provides valuable experience for those who take the Sensory Evaluation course. Students can feel the experience of different lecturers so they have new experiences, plus guest lecturers who have successful careers abroad also add to the student's how to implement sensory science in developing new products in a food company, "said the Secretary of the Department of Food Science and Technology , IPB University, Dr. Dede R Adawiyah.

In this special lecture, there were also practitioners who were alumni of IPB University and worked at the Danone Nutricia company, the Netherlands in the development of new food products, namely Dr. Heni Budi Wijayanti. Dr Heni also worked for European Food Science and Technology as Project Manager.  "Sensory understanding in developing new products is very important. But knowledge of the characteristics of food is not lost. For example, we need to understand the whey characteristics in developing new products and their relationship with Sensory Evalution. This is important in making nutritious new products and certainly in sensory terms is very preferred by target consumers, "he said.

Another speaker was Dr. Kiki Fibrianto from Brawijaya University who brought material on sensory relations, psychology and neuroscience. According to him, the taste of a food is strongly influenced by our psyche and how our nervous response. Therefore, the sensory of a food is prioritized to also help our psyche, especially in a pandemic like today.

Meanwhile, a guest speaker from the Faculty of Medicine, Diponegoro University, Dr. Gemala Anjani conveyed the relationship between sensory and nutrition. The right choices to maintain the body's immunity, not only from nutrition but also the taste and sensory sensation of food is very important. Sensory is as important as nutrition. "Therefore, during the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple sensory sensations remain important also to maintain nutrition and our body's intake so that we are not too bored with a sensory sensation from foods that contain nutrients," he said.

On this occasion, Sensory Science lecturer from the Department of Food Science and Technology, IPB University, Dr.-Ing Dase Hunaefi revealed new methods in the development of sensory science. According to him there are quite a lot of new methods based on consumer panels, namely CATA, RATA, FREE CHOICE PROFILING, FLASH PROFILE, IPM and Emotional Sensory Mapping. (IPB / NAS)

Published Date : 26-May-2020

Resource Person : Dr Kiki Fibrianto

Keyword : IPB University, Undip, UB, Department of Food Science and Technology, Sensory Evaluation