IPB University Lecturers Share Tips to Run Online Exams Smoothly

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education process was carried out at home. With the adoption of a study policy from home or Study From Home (SFH), it will not only have an impact on changes in the location of teaching and learning activities but also on the provisions of the implementation of the exam.

For this reason, Walidatush Sholihah, SSi, MKom, IPB Vocational School Counselor (SV) University as well as lecturers of the Computer Engineering Study Program of IPB Vocational School, gave tips on conducting online exams. She explained, before the exam, students need to open and reread the material or reading material from the lecturer.

"If there is something that is not understood, immediately ask in the group or discussion forum to each lecturer. Another reading material is also available on the internet, please browse related material to improve understanding and be active in the discussion forum and don't need to be embarrassed to ask," she explained.

During the exam, she continued, make sure the internet connection is stable and needs to be checked by the provider and its location. She also reminded the student don't forget to ask for a blessing from both parents so that the test can run smoothly.

"Pray before starting the exam, pay attention and read the exam instructions from each lecturer, if the internet connection is lost, don't panic, try to connect again, if necessary check the location for the exam whether the internet network is covered properly or not, and if it is still difficult to connect, immediately communicate with the lecturer," she added. After the exam, she advised students to express their gratitude, thank their parents, and pray for the best results. "Hopefully these tips can help and be useful in carrying out online examinations at home," she concluded. (AWL / RA)(IAAS/YN)

Published Date : 22-May-2020

Resource Person : Walidatush Sholihah

Keyword : IPB lecturer, Walidatush Sholihah, Vocational School, Online Exam Tips