IPB Social Business Expert Speaks at International Symposium by La Trobe University, Australia

Not just in education, COVID-19 also greatly impacts the social economy sector of our society. Dr Suprehatin, Lecturer of IPB Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Economics and Management, who also is Secretary of IPB’s Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Studies, was invited to speak in the 2nd International Social Business Symposium which was held online on May 14th, 2020. The event was held by Yunus Social Business Centre, La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University, Australia. Dr Suprehatin explained that the crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic also presented the opportunity to grow and develop social businesses. He conveyed his reflections related to the COVID-19 pandemic, expressing that he has learnt what it is like and how it feels to be a newly established social entrepreneur from his own family case. During COVID-19, the Islamic fashion business ran by his wife, Sauvia, did pivot by producing and donating masks to the public. This act was done in collaboration with her customers and small medium enterprises. The recipients of the donations were families at risk of COVID-19. He explained that during the crisis, he learnt many valuable lessons, such as empathy, solidarity, optimism, responsibility, and collaboration. The opening of the symposium presents itself as a notable agenda. This was because the symposium was opened by speech from the awardee of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2006) who was also the Honorary Professor of La Trobe University and Founder of Grameen Bank and Social Business, Professor Dr Muhammad Yunus. His message reminded everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic makes us learn from our mistakes, and that we have a choice to either return to the past or to choose a new path towards a new civilization. The symposium is themed ‘Social Business - Crisis Challenges and Responses’ and was attended by 170 participants from various countries, such as Australia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Germany. 

Published Date : 20-May-2020

Resource Person : Dr Suprehatin

Keyword : IPB lecturer, agribusiness, social business, Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank