IPB University Lecturer Talks about Fiscal Stimulus for SMEs

Study Program (Study Program) D3 Vocational School Accounting (SV) IPB University in collaboration with Taxation D3 Study Program Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Trisakti (Usakti) held a webinar with the theme "Fiscal Stimulus on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic for Business Actors", (20 / 5). The purpose of this webinar is to share information and introduce government steps in the field of taxation on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The speakers present were IPB University Lecturers from the Accounting Study Program, Mela Nurdialy, SE, MAk and D3 Taxation Lecturer at Trisakti University Licke Biettant, SE, MAk. The webinar conducted through the Zoom application was attended by 300 participants from Trisakti University, SV IPB University, Aceh Polytechnic, STIEB Perdana Mandiri Purwakarta, AMIK Citra Buana Indonesia Sukabumi, STIE Pertiwi, IBI Kesatuan, TEDC Polytechnic, Bandung, Suryakancana Cianjur University, University Bina Niaga, Pakuan Bogor University, Islamic University of Indonesia, Perbanas Institute, Tangerang Muhammadiyah University, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University Banten and also the general public.

In his presentation, Mela explained a number of steps the government had taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The response from the government included the issuance of various regulations in which several incentives were set forth. "For example, the reduction in Corporate Income Tax rates, MSME final PPh finances borne by the government, Article 21 PPh borne by the government, PPh exemption of article 22 for imports, 30% PPh installment reduction of 30 percent and the return of preliminary PKP as a low risk for WP who submit the SPT Period LB PP at the most a lot of Rp 5 billion, "he said.

Meanwhile, Licke Biettant explained the tax stimulus for SMEs. Licke also explained the mechanism for implementing the tax in the MSME sector along with the obstacles and expectations of MSME actors. The webinar activity was begun with remarks from R. Rosiyana Dewi, SE, MSi, AkCA as Head of Diploma Program in Taxation at Trisakti University and Drs Iman Firmansyah, MSi as Head of Accounting Program in SV IPB University. Furthermore, the Webinar was guided by Seto Makmur Wibowo, SE, MAk as the moderator. This webinar activity was also held thanks to the support of the Tax Center SV IPB University and Hima D3 Trisakti Taxation. (IAAS / NAS)


Published Date : 22-May-2020

Resource Person : R. Rosiyana Dewi, SE, MSi, AkCA

Keyword : IPB lecturer, IPB University Vocational School, D3 Trisakti Taxation