BEM FEMA IPB University Discussed about Food Security in Midst of Pandemic

Students Executive of Faculty of Human Ecology (BEM FEMA) IPB University held an online discussion about food security in Indonesia during pandemic. The title of discussion is “Ngabuburit di KAFE Kini” and was held in May 15th through Zoom application. KAFE, an abbreviation of ‘Kajian Asik Fema’, is one of the programs of BEM FEMA IPB University. 

This was the third KAFE online discussion. The discussion itself was adapted from three scientific fields in Faculty of Human Ecology IPB University. Beforehand, the first and second discussion had discussed about COVID-19 from communication science, human development, and consumer and family science  perspective.

Farid, as project leader, mentioned that this activity aimed to educate students and public about COVID-19 pandemic based on the scientific fields and perspective of Faculty of Human Ecology IPB University. And also, this was the last discussion about COVID-19 from perspective of nutrition science.


“We invited expert speakers from each of the scientific fields. The main goals is to share knowledge and perspective to students and public to have optimism in getting through this pandemic. The result of discussion will be brought as memo for next agenda,” said Farid.

Dr. Drajat Martianto, lecturer of IPB University from Department of Nutrition Science, Faculty of Human Ecology, was the speaker of the third KAFE. Meanwhile, Rani Asyifa from Department of Strategic Study BEM FMIPA IPB University, was the moderator of the discussion. The topic for third KAFE was ‘Nutrition Perspective on COVID-19: Effect on Food Security and Nutrition in Indonesia.’

On this occasion, Dr. Drajat mentioned that dietary habit is highly affected due to large-scale social restriction (PSBB). Poor people in Indonesia, based on data, are 9,83 percent of total population, not to mention people who are vulnerable to poverty.

“The government are instructed to make president’s safety net, in order to help the poor and the vulnerable to poverty. When the invention is succeeded, poverty will be decreased,” added Drajat.

In his opinion, there are some strategies to combat food scarcity in midst of pandemic. One of them is converting to sustainable food supply chain using local based production method and decreasing food waste and food lost. 

Dr. Alim Setiawan, Director of Student Affair and Career Development of IPB University, added that the year of 2020 has put a lot of burden to everyone. “Everybody need to stay positive and keep being productive. Take advantage of this rare opportunity with encouraging agendas. I personally address students to be the agent of change for their environment,” he mentioned. (IAAS/RHN)

Published Date : 19-May-2020

Resource Person : Dr Alim Setiawan

Keyword : IPB lecturer, BEM Fema IPB University, food discussion, food security