Discussing the Potential of Corruption in the Middle of Pandemic, PSP3 IPB University Holds MERDESAtalk Session 4

The State Budget (APBN) allocated for handling COVID-19 raises various polemics and even has the potential to be corrupted. Because the budget of Rp. 405.1 trillion has caused controversy from various parties. According to them, the budget should be used for health care, Social Safety Net (JPS), industrial support and economic recovery programs. However, the distribution of APBN funds for other things such as pre-employment cards has caused various polemics in the community.

This polemic became the basis for the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Studies (PSP3) Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University held MERDESAtalk session 4 on 13/5. The event, which was conducted online, had the theme "Potential Corruption in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic".

On this occasion, Laode M Syarif, PhD as Executive Director at The Partnership for Governance Reform Indonesia revealed that almost all funds for handling disasters in Indonesia were corrupted. This is evidenced by the emergence of a lot of news about the arrest of corruptors while holding disaster management funds. He gave an example, funds for victims of the earthquake disaster in Lombok some time ago were also corrupted. "Corruption of medical devices also occurs a lot. Like the current case, handling COVID-19 requires a rapid test. Recently, the Indonesian government has bought a rapid test which is recognized that the rapid test is made in the Netherlands. However, after checking there is a strong suspicion that it was made in China. This "The difference between prices made in China and made in the Netherlands," said Laode.

Laode also stated that the possibility of corruption in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic could occur due to several things. Among them are the large amount of funds spent on handling COVID-19, it is possible to procure it directly, the asynchronous data from the center to the level of the neighborhood (RT), conflict of interest of officials, weak supervision, and very bad legal rules.

Meanwhile, Dr Tauhid Ahmad as Executive Director at the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF) said that social assistance became a very important thing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because the impact of this pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs to reduce economic growth and reduce the level of public consumption. He explained, INDEF also projected that until the end of 2020 public consumption would still be low. "The total APBN funds allocated for social safety net, amounting to Rp 110 trillion. However, the problem is that the distribution of social assistance is often not on target. For example, the Family Hope Program (PKH) which is considered the best social program is still considered not on target. PKH targets it should be in deciles 1-2 but deciles 3-10 also enjoy it, "concluded Dr. Tauhid Ahmad (IAAS / NAS).


Published Date : 15-May-2020

Resource Person : Dr Tauhid Ahmad

Keyword : corruption of disaster funds, COVID-19, PSP3 IPB, Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Studies