Alumni of IPB University Give Motivation to Become a Leader Strategy at Work

IPB University Alumni Relations and Cooperation Directorate, IPB University Alumni Association Board (DPP HA) and the General Competency Education Boarding Program (PPKU) of IPB University hold the Insight Alumni Insight "Getting Motivated & Learning to Succed" (11-15 / 5). The discussion, which was held via zoom and live streaming, presented IPB University alumni who were leaders of companies in agriculture.

On this occasion, Ogi Prastomiyono (Director of Strategic Services of MIND ID) in his material entitled "Becoming a Person Who Gives Added Value" tells of his 32 years of experience in banking. One of the highest achievements of Ogi Prastomiyono is to make Bank Mandiri "one of the most true ted companies" in the field of governance. "The experience of being a student by organizing is very important, because we don't just study. In the world of work, learning can be obtained when we organize. The thing that must be believed from start to finish is how to build enthusiasm for learning. The learning will never be finished at any time, "he said.

The principle is that wherever we are placed, we can use all the potential we have so that we become people who provide added value. The spirit to continue learning is the beginning of success and to do the best and provide added value wherever we are will make us a responsible and reliable character.

Yeri Afrizon (Regal Springs Indonesia's Head of Sales and Marketing) gave some insight about the world of work, with 25 years of experience in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumers Good). Specifically more into the field of Sales and Distribution. "The key to success as a FMCG sales profession is to have the courage to sweat in the field, discipline in execution, being able to be mature, especially accepting learning from superiors. And in the end, actually everyone can be a salesman, but not all can be a head of salesman, "he concluded ending the material.

Rector of IPB University, Prof. Dr. Arif Satria said that the most important thing was how we learn from the actions of alumni in their careers. We will not achieve anything without sacrifice, strategy and planning. "We learn that all successes are not instantaneous, but they must proceed. With the inspiration of these alumni, we can continue to be enthusiastic in facing the future, "he said. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 18-May-2020

Resource Person : Ogi Prastomiyono

Keyword : IPB University Alumni, leader at work, IPB Alumni Association