Professor of IPB University Initiates the Writing of Green Consumer and Marketing Books

Green Consumer and Marketing is a campaign that invites consumers and producers to fulfill their daily needs to preserve the environment so that it can guarantee the sustainability of life in the future. In order to succeed the campaign, Professor of IPB University who is also the Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology, Prof. Dr. Ir Ujang Sumarwan, MSc initiated the writing of a book entitled "Green Consumer and Marketing".

The book, which will be launched on Monday, 20 April 2020, contains at least 25 chapters written by 33 experts and practitioners in the field of consumer and marketing. Book authors come from various backgrounds such as academics, lecturers, researchers, and practitioners from the business community.

The Green Consumer and Marketing book was published in 480 pages by the Bogor Press Bogor IPB Publisher in collaboration with the Asian Association for Consumer Interests and Marketing (AACIM). The book editors consist of Ujang Sumarwan (IPB University), Fandy Tjiptono (Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand), Gancar C Premananto (University of Airlangga / Airlangga), and Mohamad Fazli Sabri (Universiti Putra Malaysia / UPM).

Book Launching or Book Review will be held in conjunction with the International e-Seminar on The Future of Green Marketing and Consumer, which will be held on Monday, April 20, 2020 at 10:00 to 12:00 o'clock through Zoom Meeting. This activity is a collaboration between the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) IPB University, the Master Program in Management of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Airlangga University, Faculty of Human Ecology UPM and AACIM.

The book was written on the grounds that consumer and marketing experts have a deep concern about the need to maintain a good environment for the survival of consumers and society. "We realize that so far we have felt the bad effects of the environment, one of the causes is consumer behavior that does not meet or does not protect the environment properly," said Prof. Ujang.

The Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) of IPB University gave an example of consumer behavior that damages the environment is the use of plastics that are used for various kinds of packaging which are thrown away so that it pollutes the environment. Likewise, the behavior of consumers who do not throw trash in its place. This can cause inconvenience because garbage is scattered everywhere. Including other environmental damage, such as floods and landslides.


"The point is all this damage is due to consumer behavior, consumer demand for various goods and services that often have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, as a practitioner in the consumer field, it is necessary to campaign the so-called green consumer movement, "added Prof. Ujang.

He explained, the green movement is a movement for consumers to pay attention to the adverse effects on the environment when making decisions to buy goods and services or want to consume goods and services. Meanwhile, this campaign also encourages producers to market their products by paying attention to the environment, namely by producing green goods to respond to environmental sustainability. One of them is using natural raw materials that are easily decomposed quickly in nature.

"So that green marketing is nothing but a concern for producers of the environment. It also illustrates the record of producers to meet the needs of green consumers. Now this book contains studies from various perspectives on the importance of protecting the environment, "said Prof. Ujang.

Prof. Ujang said, in the book discussed about the understanding of consumers and green marketing, things that must be done by consumers to become green consumers, things that must be done by producers to become green producers and do green marketing.

Green consumers and marketing, he continued, are in line with the global movement called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which contains 17 goals. One goal is goal number 12 namely sustainability related to responsible consumption and production. This can be interpreted as consumption and production activities that pay attention to the environment and avoid the adverse effects of consumption and production activities on the environment.

Prof. Ujang also explained, this book was written by many writers with the aim to show that IPB University works at the national and international level. This book also describes collaboration between individuals and institutions with different backgrounds. "Through this book we also show that IPB University has a concern for consumers and green marketing. We as initiators invite colleagues. Therefore, this book is written in English so that it can be read by many people from outside Indonesia, "added Prof. Ujang.

Broadly speaking, the book was written in June 2019 with the initiation of Fema IPB University and in collaboration with the Asian Association for Consumer Interest and Marketing (AACIM). With the publication of the book, Prof. Ujang hopes that the public can better understand the importance of caring for consumers. Consumers can do small things but have a big impact on the environment, namely by becoming a green consumer. "Likewise with companies, companies can do small things but have an impact on the environment, for example, start thinking about environmentally friendly raw materials. While consumers must choose environmentally friendly materials, this is for the continued prosperity of consumers and companies in the future, "he concluded. (IAAS/NAS)


Published Date : 17-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan,

Keyword : Green Consumers, IPB Professor, IPB Lecturer, IPB University