IPB University Monitors Condition of IPB Inbound and Outbound Academia under COVID-19

As many as 85 international students studying in IPB University are still staying in Bogor. Among them, total 41 are full-time undergraduate students from Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam, one Filipino exchange student who is undergoing an undergraduate mobility program from the ASEAN International Mobility for Student (AIMS), 23 graduate student awardees of Partnership of Developing Countries (KNB) scholarship from Myanmar, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Syria, Sudan, Cameroon, Iraq, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Uganda, Thailand, Liberia, Nigeria and Pakistan, five graduate student awardees of SEARCA scholarship from East Timor, and 15 graduate student awardees of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) from East Timor.

According to Prof. Dr. Iskandar Zulkarnaen Siregar, IPB University’s Director of International Program, as COVID-19 measures monitoring of international students is done remotely through group online messengers and periodical in-person check for daily and health supplies distribution. The monitoring shows that the students are in good condition. In the COVID-19 emergency state, IPB University has distributed face masks, hand sanitizers and Vitamin C to the aforesaid students. Students who are staying within campus area are given free meals twice daily, meanwhile those staying outside of campus are handed free produces. IPB University also encourage students to always follow regulations of physical and social distancing while keeping a healthy and sanitary lifestyle. As precautious measure for COVID-19 was put in place, IPB University has either postponed or withdrawn all visitation plans from international guests starting from beginning of March 2020.

IPB University also monitors students and staff members who are currently studying abroad. Per April 2020, IPB academia undergoing abroad mobilities are as followed: three students in Erasmus+ program at University of Turku, Finland; two students in Erasmus+ program at SGGW/Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland; two students in Erasmus+ program at University of Zagreb, Croatia; six students in Spring exchange at Jeonbuk National University, South Korea; and six students in Student Internship via Stichting Uitwisseling en Studieren voor het Platteland (SUSP), the Netherlands; and 45 staff members undergoing studies in Australia, Japan, Canada, UK, Turkey, USA, Malaysia and some European countries. Generally through monitoring, the conditions of students and staff are in good condition. IPB University encourages them to coordinate with diplomatic representatives of Indonesia and to follow precautious protocols placed by the host universities/institutions.

Published Date : 17-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Prof Iskandar

Keyword : COVID-19, Directorate of International Programs, Foreign Students, IPB University