IPB University Laboratories Ready To Receive 60 COVID-19 Patient Samples Daily

IPB University’s rector, Prof Dr Arif Satria informs that three of the in-house laboratories are ready ready receive 60 daily COVID-19 swab tests for Kota and Kabupated Bogor. It is hoped that with the contributions made, it can reduce wait time on COVID-19 tests results and avoid the stress as experienced in Bandung and Jakarta. This was broadcast on live national television, through an online interview.

“We can handle up to 60 samples daily. This is because testing needs approximately 48 hours or 2 days to process. We hope that on optimal conditions, we can process up to 180 samples collected through Monday to Wednesday. After extraction, the RNA can be examined from Wednesday to Friday. IPB University has 4 PCR devices and this first stage, we hope to utilize three of them found in campus,” he said.

Regarding safety, laboratories in IPB University are rated Biosafety Level-2, based on WHO guidelines. Aside from that, in the acceleration of COVID-19 management, Prof Arif has expressed his thoughts on the importance of science based intervention.

“Because scientific interventions have a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy is supported by a strong and scientific academic backbone. There needs to be a strong base theory and benchmarking by countries abroad that has been affected similarly. Lastly it is just as important to initiate collaboration on a national and global level,” he said. (IAAS/RCD)

Published Date : 13-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : COVID-19, IPB University Laboratoeis