IPB University Lecturer Shares Some Tips on Improving Your Character in the Pandemic COVID-19 Period

The COVID-19 pandemic causes a great deal of anxiety, dismay, worries, anger and sadness. Therefore we need to strengthen our character to deal with these issues. Of course, strengthening our character during the COVID-19 pandemic virus does not mean that it only applies during the pandemic.

On this occasion, Dr Dwi Hastuti, IPB University lecturer who was also the Coordinator of the Character Development Course at the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University shared ways to strengthen our character during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to her there should be examples of good character models at home. The formation of good and strong character consciously  and subconsciously begins at home. Therefore it is important to set examples of good behavior at home. Demonstrating good behavior at home can begin with sweeping the house. Since all this time parents are busy working, during the work from home period parents can start to give more examples to all family members.

"There is not much to it, the important thing is proof of good work to set examples around the house. Be clear about your values, and define them if we haven’t figure out ours. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone must uphold the value of cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene so that the body is healthy and clean, "she said.

In addition, according to Dr Dwi, when working and staying at home, we must also show our respect to our parents, partners, children and other family members. Speak with respect and affection for them.

Give examples in good words, be polite to all family members. Make family activities, make time together with family members, eat together without "gadgets" in hand, without social media in hand and give attention to family members as a way to create wonderful moments of happiness. Plan many "enjoyable" moments, make the time of working at home as a moment that can be remembered by all family members. Don't provide access to drugs, alcohol or online games, avoid any activities that makes us addicted and intoxicated.

"Read and keep good literature in the home. Create a reading corner in your home, so that the passion for reading books and the love of learning are formed at home. Look at good television shows, videos and social media that can improve your positive emotion. When you are at home, be selective of the television shows, videos and social media that you access, "she added.

Limit the use of money. This can be done by shopping wisely during Work From Home (WFH), replacing the preoccupation of shopping by cooking with family members. Discuss the good times and holidays (in the past or future). Because a pandemic does not allow going far and forth, you must have a plan or make plans for next year.

"We can also start to delegate household chores with family members. Set clear expectations for yourself and stay busy with positive activities. By continuing to work at home, emotions can be controlled positively and with high responsibility. Accept your limits and be thankful for the strength that we have received. Strengthen your character and be grateful for what you have achieved so far, "she added.

This pandemic period is a good time for us to help others. This is a form of our gratitude to other people. By helping others we will feel grateful and blessed by God. For that we must have the character to help others. "Manage your time and improve your time to reflect to Allah SWT. We have to take advantage of times like this by drawing ourselves closer to the creator and take more time to reflect as a way to build patience and self-control towards the family, "he said. (IAAS/FAP)

Published Date : 29-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Dr Ir Dwi Hastuti

Keyword : IPB lecturer, tips on dealing with COVID-19, character building, Fema IPB University, COVID-19