Devotion to the Country, Department of Economics IPB University Holds Online Lectures on Econometrics

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited the physical contact of the Indonesian people, including students, lecturers and researchers and policy makers who are in the Work From Home (WFH) condition. Especially now that some regions have implemented Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) which increasingly restrict the physical movement of the community.

The existence of WFH and PSBB reduces the opportunities for students, lecturers and researchers to take part in various training that can improve their capacity including training in economic modeling. For this reason, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Firdaus, lecturer from the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB University pioneered online lectures on Econometrics Courses. This online lecture can be accessed by various groups ranging from students, lecturers and researchers throughout Indonesia.

Prof. Firdaus said that the Econometrics lecture will be held in series, where each series consists of 14 meetings. At each lecture meeting lasts for 1.5 hours. Starting from the delivery of material and discussion of lectures designed in such a way that combines the theory and application of Econometrics theory in the field. Through this method, the lecture can be attended by all groups.

"Initially the lecture was designed only to accommodate 100 participants. However, after the lecture flyer was published, the participants who registered were booming so that it reached 800 people. Participants who register come from various backgrounds. Starting from lecturers, students and researchers from various regions in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua. In his journey not only students from within the country, but Indonesian students who are studying abroad are also interested in attending this online lecture, "he said.

 To anticipate this huge interest, the host and co-lecturer of the Online Econometrics course, Dr. Tony Irawan, are trying to increase the zoom subscription quota in the Department of Economics. With the support of the Director of International Trade Analysis and Policy Studies (ITAPS), Dr. Widyastutik, the zoom upgrade of the Department of Economics can be carried out until lectures can accommodate 500 participants."For participants who still cannot be accommodated in the first session of this lecture, we have put it on the waiting list so that they can take part in the second lecture session which is planned to be held in May," he added.

The online lecture of the Econometrics Session One course has been held every day at 16:00 to 17:45 which is from Monday, April 13, 2020 and is planned to end on April 30, 2020.

"Lectures deliberately begin at 16:00 because it is assumed that at that time the participants have finished carrying out their daily activities. To manage the class with 500 participants, I need to be accompanied by assistants consisting of young lecturers in the Department of Economics who already have good mastery of Econometrics theory, "added Prof. Firdaus.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Department of Economics, Dr. Sahara strongly supports the implementation of online lectures that can be accessed by various parties in Indonesia. According to him, online lectures held by the Department of Economics are in line with K2020 which is being developed by IPB University. This online lecture is also in line with the program that has been launched by the Minister of Education and Culture related to the concept of the Merdeka and Merdeka Belajar Campus, where students can study on any campus. "Through this program it is hoped that courses at the Department of Economics can be accessed by all Indonesian citizens. In the future, it does not rule out the possibility for the Department of Economics to provide credit credits for learning models like this, "he said.

This online lecture is also supported by the Dean of FEM, Prof. Nunung Nuryartono who in his statement stated that the online lecture initiative carried out by the Department of Economics is expected to inspire other departments in the FEM environment so that the sciences taught at IPB University can benefit all Indonesian citizens.

"The digital era will facilitate the sharing of knowledge so as to provide high benefits without being limited by administrative and time barriers. As we know that this Econometrics course is very useful as a tool for policy makers to make various decisions. With the large number of participants coming from among researchers in government institutions especially, econometrics as a tool can be applied with the hope of being a signal in decision making based on evidence based policy, "he said. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 22-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Muhammad Firdaus

Keyword : Online Lectures, Econometrics Courses, IPB K2020, IPB University