IPB University Library's Service when Campus is Partially Closed Down

After being partially closed down, almost all face-to-face services were suspended. This is in order to anticipate the spread of COVID-19. IPB University Library Services are no exception.

Since March 17, 2020, the face-to-face services in the library are closed until April 19, 2020. The visitors are directed to access library services online, through the library.ipb.ac.id and repository.ipb.ac.id web sites. As of one month after the enactment of the policy, there were 3,108 library web visitors.

For students who want to submit their final project, thesis or dissertation it can be done via e-mail. By sending a complete copy of the final project file along with a validation sheet from the faculty in the form of pdf to marjono@apps.ipb.ac.id and putrasawahan@yahoo.co.id.

The hardcopy of the thesis can be sent to the address of the Head of Administration (KTU) of the Library, on behalf of Marjono with the address of Pondok Bu Sri Cihideung Ilir RT 04 / RW 04 Kel. Cihideung Ilir Kec. Ciampea, Bogor 16620.

The Head of the Library, Prof. Dr. Ir. Pudji Muljono, MSI said, this was done because the delivery of the hard copy of the final project directly to the location of the work units on campus encountered obstacles.

"The library-free letter is carried out after checking the softcopy and hardcopy that have been sent. Including checking to whether the student still has book loans in the Library Unit. If the results of the examination are declared to meet the requirements, then a library-free letter will be sent to the student concerned in the form of a pdf via email or whatsapp (WA), "said Prof. Pudji.

Students who want to return the loan book or extend the loan period can also contact KTU Library via WhatsApp message.

Although the face-to-face service was temporarily closed, Prof. Pudji said, some Library unit staff remained in charge of picket or overtime, especially to maintain the cleanliness of the room and the courtyard around, as well as monitor electricity and the condition of the work unit building. In addition, if there are questions about library services, ask via email to library@apps.ipb.ac.id. ( IAAS/SAR)

Published Date : 23-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Prof Pudji

Keyword : Library, IPB University, Partially Close Down