Helping Students Prepare Their Career, CDA IPB University Holds Online Training and Talkshow

The Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University through the Career Development Sub Directorate or known as Career Development and Assessment (CDA) continues to strive to provide services during Work From Home (WFH) and study at home through training activities and career talk shows especially arranged for IPB students and recent graduates The University. According to the Head of Career Development Sub Directorate, Handian Purwawangsa, S.Hut, MSi, the activity that was held online was carried out to increase the motivation and capacity of students and graduates of IPB University, so later when things return to normal after Corona outbreak they will be more prepared to jump into the world of work.

Career preparation training is carried out routinely through an online application and also a live talk show with several people from the company's Human Resource Development (HRD) through any social media. Career training is delivered by Nur Fajri Rahmawati as a career preparation trainer and by talk shows with some companies alternately moderated by CDA IPB University staff.

At the end of March, career preparation training with the theme "How to Determine Career Direction" was held. In early April career preparation training with the theme "Personal Branding, CV and Interview" was held too. Last week, the CDA also held a training titled "Question and Answer on Career Preparation". "In addition to training, we also hold talk shows in collaboration with Apple Developer Academy and Unilever," Hadian said.

According to a training participant, Aisyah Pujianti, a student from the Faculty of Economics and Management, the training provided very useful insights in finding careers on someone’s passion. "CDA IPB University helps students to be able to become excellent candidates in the world of work, thank you very much CDA," she said.

The same thing was also conveyed by Annisa Tsalsabila, a student from the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. As she said, this activity is good for fresh graduates or final year students. Although done online, I still feel its benefit. "Presentation by Ms Rahma was quite easy to understand and she answered all questions clearly and patiently," she added. (IAAS/RHN)

Published Date : 13-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Annisa Tsalsabila

Keyword : CDA, IPB University, Training on Career Strategies, IPB University