CARE LPPM IPB University Distribute Face Masks to Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Partner Villages

In order to combat the ever prevalent COVID-19 disease, the government recommends that the citizens wear masks whenever they are outside their homes. To support this movement, a while ago, The Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution and Empowerment (CARE), The Research and Community Service Body (LPPM) IPB University presented their contribution with the distribution of face masks to various partner groups in villages. These groups are spread from Bekasi, Indramayu, Karawang, Subang, Bandung, Majalengka to Gresik.

“Our goal is to assist our partnering villages to reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially in CARE’s partner villages. The people of the village also have difficulties in attaining stockpiles of face masks, and even if they do, it’s too expensive,” said Adi Firmansyah, SP, MSi, Head of CARE Community Empowerment Division.

Masks from CARE are cloth based masks. These masks are a product of small businesses (UKM) under the guidance of CARE in Cilamaya, Karawang.

“We have partnering tailor groups in Cilamaya, Karawang. We order all this from said group. Alhamdulillah, the tailors are now independent and can receive big orders, including masks and Personal Protective Equipments (APD) for healthcare workers,” he adds.

The distribution of masks that’s been done is only the first stage, next up CARE is working together with PT Pertamina EP Asset Jatibarang Field to provide villages under CARE guidance to receive portable hand washing stations.

 “We express our gratitude to CARE LPPM IPB University in providing us with face masks. These face masks are substantial to the wellbeing of our members,” said Abah Onil, Head of LMDH Bukit Amanah, Cimaung, Bandung, one of the recipients of face masks. (IAAS/RCD)

Published Date : 22-Apr-2020

Resource Person : Abah Onil

Keyword : CARE, LPPM, IPB University, COVID-19, Face Masks