Drink Orange Juice with It's Skin to Avoid COVID-19

Currently the COVID-19 outbreak has spread everywhere. Then, how do we prepare ourselves to deal with it? Many ways that we can do are washing hands frequently with soap, keeping a social distance, staying at home and others. Maintaining health so it is not easily attacked by this virus is certainly an important part for us to do.

Research teams from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI), Pharmacy UI, Tropical Biopharmaca Study Center (TropBRC), Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University and the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University have conduct bioinformatics research to find compounds that have the potential to fight COVID-19.

"The compound is a flavonoid group, one of which is hesperidin. Hesperidin is allegedly able to provide protection against microbes and viruses. Where can we get this compound? This compound is found in orange peel. So while staying at home, we can make orange juice and don't forget to add a little orange peel that has been washed clean. It will taste a little bitter. Now hold this bitterness because it shows that hesperidin is in it," said Professor of IPB University who is also the Head of the Center for Tropical Biopharmaca (TropBRC), Prof. Irmanida Batubara.

For those who are less able to consume the bitter, can make an infused water from oranges and their skin. Some compounds of orange peel will dissolve in water so it can also consumed by us. Don't forget the oranges are washed clean first. "All types of oranges contain hesperidin. So it does not have to be a citrus fruit, we can also use the skin of lime, lemon and other citrus varieties," he added. (IAAS/SAR)

Published Date : 27-Mar-2020

Resource Person : Prof Irmanida Batubara

Keyword : Orange, Hesperidin, Avoid Covid 19, TropBRC, Biopharmaca, IPB University, Prof. Irmanida Batubara