IPB University Reinforced Ties through SUIJI Service Learning Program with Three Japanese Universities

IPB University (IPB) recently hosted delegations from three Japanese universities—Kagawa University, Ehime University, and Kochi University as part of agenda within Six University Initiative of the Japan-Indonesia–Service Learning Program (SUIJI SLP) 2020 during February 18th–March 6th, 2020. For total 16 days, together, 17 Japanese students alongside some more from IPB University participated in this program conducted community service in six villages in West Java, Indonesia, namely Purwasari, Neglasari, Sukawening, Sukadamai, Bubulak and Situ Gede village. Participants assisted the community handling waste problems, teach kindergarten children and cultural exchanges. In his remarks, IPB Rector—Prof. Dr. Arif Satria expressed his gratefulness towards the strong collaboration going with the Japanese partners and to set SLP SUIJI program as a good example for the upcoming collaboration activities. As students take the importance of carrying out community service, during the program students grew altogether the empathy, knowledge on community’s problems and how to contribute to work hand-in-hand in solving them, where students shall act as role models within the community. Thus, students must learn to be experienced at adapting and living side-by-side with others. Students as agents of change are the spearhead of the nation's future development. Students as educated member of society hold responsibility to participate in advancing community life in form of service, which can broaden mind of their surroundings. Considering this occasion marking to its 6th year running the program, SUIJI SLP as consortium consisting of three Indonesian universities and three Japanese universities are looking forward to their next collaboration endeavors. SUIJI SLP has been proving their success stories for more than half decade, even this year succeeded in attracting sponsorship from Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) to facilitate 42 students each from Indonesia and Japan to conduct SLP mobility in the forthcoming Fall 2020 in Japan and Spring 2021 in Indonesia. It is very much hoped in the forthcoming years ahead that SUIJI SLP activities can be expanded to more forms of activities (i.e. seminar and workshop) to attract more exchanging students and academia between two countries.

Published Date : 04-Mar-2020

Resource Person : yayan

Keyword : Crystal Guava, Kagawa and Ehime University, SUIJI SLP 2020, Neglasari Village, IPB University