IPB University’s Young Lecturer Partakes in Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility in Lithuania

Throughout March 9th-16th, 2020, young lecturer from Department of Soil Science and Land Management, Faculty of Agriculture, IPB University—Ms. Indri Hapsari Fitriyani, joined teaching mobility through Erasmus+ in Vytautas Magnus University-Agriculture Academy (VMU-AA), Lithuania. She taught and shared her expertise with the esteemed Lithuanian counterparts in total 2 (two) faculties namely Faculty of Water and Land Management and Faculty of Agronomy. The main aim of the mobility is to provide a course of lectures on agriculture especially in soil science to train the students who can follow Agriculture Sciences and apply this principles in the enterprise. Currently, issues like Climate change and mitigation; Sustainability of agro ecosystems and ecological intensification; Precision Farming; and Soil resources and conservation have become outstanding. Another objective is to meet the staff and to discuss the cooperation possibilities on joint projects. There was as well discussed exchange information between Asian and European counterparts on Agro ecosystem and Soil Science. Furthermore, Ms. Indri elaborated the added value of the mobility (in the context of the modernization and internationalization strategies of the institutions involved). She mentioned the key added value for the mobility were the prepared teaching materials in English and distributed handouts for the students of host institution, and platform where host university students and young scientists will get acquainted with the principles of soil science and land management in Indonesia. Besides, students and academic staff of the host university will benefit from the acquaintance with the study system of Indonesia and VMU-AA having possibility to exchange the experiences in management of studies. Teachers and administrative staff of Faculty of Agronomy, VMU-AA will benefit from the acquaintance with the study system of visited university by its presentation after the return form the mobility. It will be actualized through exchange of ideas on future education and research cooperation will improve the academic relations between departments and establish the background for future collaboration.

Content of her teaching programme included Principles of Soil Science, Land Management in Indonesia, Oil Palm Management in Indonesia, and The Effect of pesticide on CO2 Emission in Peat Soil. Expected outcomes and impact (e.g. on the professional development of the teaching staff member and on the competences of students at both institutions) was that the mobility could serve as the continuation of long-term cooperation between the faculties and departments of the host and home universities and, thus, additional tasks will be to examine mutual needs and possibilities to plan better future teaching involvement and cooperation both in academic and research fields. She as well expected that students will get the understanding and knowledge of the principles of soil science, Land Management in Indonesia, Oil Palm Management in Indonesia and The Effect of pesticide on CO2 Emission in Peat Soil. Mobility would initiate collaboration and join projects in the area of Agriculture and Soil Science. Ms. Indri stressed the importance of such mobilities notably for young lecturers in order to acquire international, essential experience regarding education and teaching.

Published Date : 24-Mar-2020

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