Lecturer of IPB University Successfully Developed Low Glycemic Sugar and Blood Sugar Reducing Drinks from Nira

Lecturer of the Department of Agricultural Industrial Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (Fateta) IPB University, Prof. Dr. Tajuddin Bantacut succeeded in developing low-glycemic sugar from the modification of polyphenol sugar cane juice and made drinks to lower blood sugar. This innovation was successfully developed by Prof. Tajuddin thanks to his collaboration with PT Gula Energi Nusantara.

According to Prof. Tajuddin, most of the use of Sand Crystal Sugar (GKP) and Refined Crystal Sugar (GKR) is through dissolution (melting or dilution) both in the food, beverage and other industries as well as household consumption. Very little sugar is used in the form of crystals or flour. Therefore, Prof. Tajudin transformed white crystal sugar into liquid sugar in collaboration with the private sector

"From the perspective of processing technology, dissolving means melting previously crystallized molten sugar. Liquid sugar technology is to eliminate the crystallization stage by producing liquid sugar that has the same characteristics as crystallized sugar that is melted or dissolved in the process of food and beverage production and household consumption. This change can increase sugar production because all sugar content (sucrose, fructose, glucose) can be utilized whereas in crystalline sugar it is only sucrose. "The GKP yield which ranges from 7-9 percent can be increased to 10-12 percent," he said.

According to him, this transformation effort requires cooperation with the private sector. Initially, in 2014, Prof. Tajudin had the opportunity to assist the Directorate General of Agricultural Product Processing and Marketing (P2HP), the Ministry of Agriculture for the diversification of sugar sources from palm and palm sap.

After designing the process technology flow, a feasibility study was made to build a Mini Sugar Factory (PGM) of palm sugar and palm juice in Lebak (Banten), Tanah Karo District (North Sumatra) and South Minahasa District (North Sulawesi). The capacity is 200 tons of roomie per day.


"But only one was built, namely in Amurang, South Minahasa. Unfortunately this good facility does not work because roomie is also used for the production of wine so that it cannot compete and lacking of raw materials, "he said.


This thought was then welcomed by PT Gula Energi Nusantara (GEN) located in Semarang, Central Java. Due to difficulties in implementing it through a government program, Prof. Tajuddin cooperated with the private sector.


"Together with PT GEN's Managing Director, Joko Wiryono, we have succeeded in developing a breakthrough technology so that the resulting liquid sugar meets the specified quality requirements. At present various liquid sugar variants have been produced with different designations. As for the industry food, beverage and household consumption In line with the research and development of the technology, new products have been developed, namely low glycemic sugar (tested in the IPB University's Laboratory of Food Science and Technology) and from the modification of sugar cane juice polyphenols produced drinks to lower blood sugar , "he said.

Finally many advances have been made. Such as marketing cooperation with several food, beverage and soy sauce companies, Perum Bulog and PTPN. The introduction phase has been carried out, now entering the stage of market expansion. (IAAS/SAR)

Published Date : 26-Mar-2020

Resource Person : Prof Dr Tajuddin Bantacut

Keyword : IPB University, Prof. Tajudin Bantacut, transformation of crystallized sugar into liquid sugar, Low Glycemic Sugar