Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB University: Public Health Care Is a Form of State Defending

Today we all know, and perhaps some of us see for ourselves a pandemic (global, cross-border) outbreak of a novel corona virus disease or COVID-19. The rapid development of the number of positive cases led the Indonesian government to establish the COVID-19 outbreak as a national disaster.

Day by day, this epidemic is increasingly widespread and has had an impact on social life. Hospital services began to be overwhelmed. In a standard outbreak, of course the handling of patients and the implementation of the test must be done in a sterile state. Officers must use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the availability of various materials, drugs and so on. This extraordinary situation began to show its effect. At present the PPE and various other supporting equipment is very difficult to obtain. We do not need to call the area far from the capital, in Bogor which is the closest city to Jakarta, apparently experiencing shortages.

National disasters have been determined so that all communities must support them in accordance with their abilities to the maximum extent possible as an effort to defend the country. It's a matter of national honor and national honor. Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) IPB University, Prof. Srihadi Agung Priono revealed that currently FKH is making several efforts as a form of responsibility and defending the country, as well as a very deep sympathy for the problems being experienced together.

FKH as part of IPB University seeks to help by donating a number of PPE equipment, providing education to the public through short videos on social media, writing in print media and making media transfer viruses (VTM) and their swab tools.

This equipment is items that are very much needed by the Department of Health, Hospital and even Puskesmas Kota and Kabupaten Bogor in the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. "IPB University as a national educational institution is responsible for the welfare of society and the survival of generations through a healthy society. As part of IPB University, FKH, whose education base is health and medicine, certainly understands the meaning of epidemics and must be more responsive to existing problems, "he said.

Regarding donated PPE and VTM, Prof. Srihadi said that the equipment came from the Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology Division. This PPE is a legacy from the collaborative activities of the Avian Influenza H5N1 project in collaboration with FKH with The Strategies Against Flu Emergence (SAFE) with the support of USAID funding in 2013.

"The amount is quite a lot, although maybe not as much as the needs that exist today. Meanwhile, the making of VTM is one of the routine activities carried out in the Medical Microbiology Division for research and education, so we can easily prepare it. However, the manufacture of VTM is very dependent on raw materials, which at the time of this outbreak is increasing, the availability at chemical distributors is also running low. Hopefully from the available material, we can still use it to make the required amount of VTM, "he added.

One important goal in veterinary education is mastery of biomedical science and technology, and becoming a doctor who has responsibility for public health through improving animal health and environmental health (one health system).

COVID-19 outbreaks can be a means of implementing knowledge and skills. We are grateful at IPB University to gather various expertise, from natural sciences, biology, agriculture, forestry, marine, veterinary and biomedical sciences, social sciences and humanities and others, all of which comprehensively have great potential to help the country through the crisis. this pandemic.

Prof. Srihadi appealed to all parties in accordance with their respective roles and capacities to work together and jointly create a massive movement to participate in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak.

 "Hopefully with the cohesiveness of our joint movement, and of course prayers and requests to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala, may we be facilitated by Him to be able to overcome the COVID-19 outbreak more quickly and thoroughly," he said. (IAAS / NAS)

Published Date : 26-Mar-2020

Resource Person : Prof Srihadi

Keyword : Covid 19, FKH, VTM, APD, IPB University, IPB lecturers