BEM KM IPB University Launches a Hotline Services for Students

In light with responding the current situation and Campus condition since the IPB University's policy about partially closed down the operation of IPB University Campus due to the corona virus outbreak. The Student Executive Board (BEM) of IPB University launched an integrated Joint Services Hotline (SAYANG) KM IPB. This hotline is aimed to improve the information and whistle blower services for students of IPB University. The access is available through Whatssapp (WA) contact at +62 856-9395-2813. 

"Hotline Features of SAYANG KM IPB University were designed with a variety of features that accomodate the student services. Such as vent services, quick replies and information catalogs, "said Bayu, Coordinator of Minister for Services and Community Services BEM KM.

The information services provided are quick reply feature and information catalog. Bayu hopes that the features in the Hotline Sayang KM IPB are able to help students to access a precise information about academic information and student welfare information. 

"Consultation service (complaints) is provided for students to express their criticis and recomendation regarding student services. Hopefully this Hotline SAYANG KM IPB can be a "close friend" of students on the sidelines of the online Teaching and Learning activities of for  UAS session and it can be a portal of information and student ventures, "Bayu continued. 

SAYANG KM IPB hotline was developed by seeing to the previous capacity and management of information service facilities. SAYANG KM IPB was formed with dedication and collaboration of four BEM KM ministries, namely Kesmah (Ministry of Student Welfare), Central Jakpus (Ministry of Campus Policy), Akpres (Ministry of Academic and Achievement) and Sosmas (Ministry of Social Community).

The development of management and capacity of the information service referred to comprehend an increasing the effectiveness of organizing service and developing service procedures that are easy, fast and transparent. 

The complaints that can be channeled through the SAYANG KM IPB hotline take precedence on concerning student affairs. (IAAS/RI)

Published Date : 27-Mar-2020

Resource Person : Bayu

Keyword : Hotline, BEM KM IPB, Consultation