IPB University Student Elected as Coordinator at World’s Largest Veterinary Student’s Association, IVSA Global

Cahyani Fortunitawanli, student of IPB University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, was elected as Public Relations Coordinator of the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) Global. IVSA is the largest veterinary students’ association in the world with members from 73 countries, 194 Member Organizations (MO), and over 38,000 members worldwide. A total of eight Executive Committee members represents the organization on a global level, and Cahyani is the only member of the committee originating from Asia. She was elected by the IVSA General Assembly at the 68th IVSA Congress in Croatia and is currently running her position for the term 2019-2020.

As Public Relations Coordinator, her main tasks are handling public communication and disseminating information from IVSA Global to members and the general public. Cahyani explained that IVSA offers a whole lot of opportunities for veterinary students to enhance not just their veterinary knowledge, but also the chance to network and meet students from all over the world with the same passion and goals. This network of young future veterinarians enables students to learn from each other and potentially solve both international and local veterinary issues. 

The main projects of IVSA are Student Exchanges, annual Congresses and Symposia, the Development Fund, Standing Committees and Working Groups (SC of Animal Welfare, One Health, Veterinary Education, Wellness, Career Attributes, and WG of Alumni), and both international and local events held by MOs. The latest IVSA event was the 68th IVSA Symposium in Morocco, held from January 18th to 27th 2020, where 100 students from 33 countries attended as participants. The event consisted of General Assemblies, lectures, workshops, cultural events, auctions (where students presented about veterinary education in their respective countries) and various international activities. Four Indonesian students represented Indonesia at the international symposium, two of them were IPB University students, Cahyani Fortunitawanli and Eriya Mariam. Besides international events, IVSA also acts as a bridge between veterinary students and other international organizations through partnerships. These partnerships offer students scholarships, internships, volunteering opportunities, and many more learning opportunities.

Cahyani expressed her aspiration for more veterinary students in Indonesia to be involved in their chosen profession on an international level. She explained that it is highly important for students’ opinions and voices to be heard in international discussions of current veterinary issues as the decisions made based on those discussions will impact the work that students do in the future after graduating to become veterinarians. Regarding her experience as an active member of IVSA, she stated that the experience had allowed her to grow in more ways than she could have imagined. From navigating her way in working with different multicultural teams, learning about current veterinary issues and how to approach those issues through different perspectives, to understand the importance of students’ wellness, IVSA has, in her words: “given me the best the veterinary student world has to offer”. 

Published Date : 25-Feb-2020

Resource Person : Cahyani Fortunitawanli

Keyword : IPB University