IPB University Alumni Appointed as Head Representative of IRRI South East Asia

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) appointed Dr. Yurdi Yasmin, IPB University alumni as Head Representative of IRRI for South East Asia. This is the first time the position is held by an Indonesian. IRRI, an international research institution for rice paddy, is located in Los Banos, the Philippines, and is represented by regional offices in South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, and a total of 17 offices in rice-producing countries in the world.

With Dr. Yurdi’s appointment as Head Representative, he is tasked with the substantial responsibility of pushing forward programs in food self-sufficiency, elimination of poverty, nutrition enrichment, and efforts to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Dr. Yurdi, who is an alumnus of IPB University’s Forestry Faculty is also tasked to increase partnerships between countries in South East Asia, ASEAN, research institutions, private companies, and the United Nations. He explained that IRRI plays an important part in creating prime varieties of highly nutritional rice. With issues of climate change, the high speed of urbanization, and water scarcity for rice production, IRRI is committed to eradicate poverty and famine through research and development of rice and food. He also hopes that he could strengthen partnership with the Indonesian government through the Agricultural Ministry and related research institutions, including higher education institutions.

Before joining IRRI, Dr. Yurdi worked as the Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator at FAO for Asia Pacific, assigned in Bangkok office, Thailand. He was also Program Coordinator for ICRAF Mekong, Hanoi, Manager of RECOFTC (Center for People and Forest in Bangkok), researcher at Wageningen University, and CIFOR (International Forestry Research Institution located in Bogor) researcher.

Dr. Yurdi has also led development and research projects in more than 20 countries, like Afghanistan, South Korea, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Timor Leste, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Fiji. During his years as a student, he was awarded with National Outstanding Student, and was also awarded an exchange scholarship from AFS

Published Date : 14-Jan-2020

Resource Person : Dr Yurdi Yasmin

Keyword : Alumni IPB, mahasiswa teladan, IRRI, pangan, SDGs