Erbron-C: A Five Acclaimed Awards Creative Technology by IPB University Students

Erbron-C is succeeded in achieving both national and international awards. In 2019, at least five awards are achieved; gold medal for poster and presentation in PIMNAS 32, First Place in Tanoto Student Research Award, First Place in Agricultural Engineering for Sustainable Agriculture Production Student (AESAP) Design Competition, First Runner-Up in ASEAN-India, and last but not least award in Anugerah Kemahasiswaan III 2019 by Directorate of Student Affairs, General Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, in December 13th 2019, Jakarta.

Erbron-C is a pinching mechanism-based palm-collecting tool from spiral steel collecting unit or, alternatively, fiber rod to collect palm fruit with an ergonomic design. Erbron-C is created by five students from Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering IPB University; Tegar Nur Hidayat, Sanhaji, Dikki Hendra Pratama, Affan Afrizal Gani, Maulana Malik Yusuf, and under supervision of Dr Ir Radite P.A. Setiawan, MAgr.

“(I am) grateful, proud, and content that we can apply agriculture engineering knowledge from class to create technology. This tool is potential solution for decreased quality and quantity issues of palm oil production due to manual palm collecting technology and sometimes the workers are using shove. This manual technique is able to wound the palm fruit (increasing free fatty acid) and carry too much contaminants (sand, soil, litter). This also reduces the yield of crude palm oil (CPO) and in the end, it affects the selling price,” said Tegar Nur Hidayat, as the Team Leader.

Tegar explained that in the near future, he alongside his partners will do further development. Right now, Erbron-C already gets a simple patent number. 

“We’re also working on field test in PTPN IV, Jambi and the technology is applied by the workers. The progress is revised based on field test in PTPN IV. If it is done revised and the tool reaches its optimum condition than before then mass production will be planned due to its patent and demand in palm field,” he added.

Tegar alongside his partners need more than a day with one worker to create one Erbron-C. This tool is used for collecting palm fruit fast, effectively, and clean from contaminants with ergonomic design. In addition, this tool has handle that is easy to adjust by worker and the total cost is not expensive. (IAAS/RH).


Keywords: Palm oil, Achievement, IPB University student


Published Date : 06-Jan-2020

Resource Person : Dr Ir Radite P.A. Setiawan, MAgr.

Keyword : Palm oil, Achievement, IPB University student