Rector of Wageningen–UR at IPB University 56th Dies Natalis

The honorable Rector of Wageningen University and Research (WUR), Netherlands—Prof. Arthur P. J. Mol presented scientific oration during Open Assembly Commemorating the 56th Dies Natalis of IPB University on September 9th, 2019 in IPB Darmaga Campus, Bogor, Indonesia. In his speech, Prof. Arthur explained the synergy that occurs between universities, companies, government and public in the Netherlands. According to him, surrounding the campus area, there are about 200 companies ready to support research and development of the WUR. That evidenced the exceptionally strong cooperation between industry and universities, thus it forms mutual connection for investment. Dutch government support is also strong, and discussion with the surrounding community is carried out—this mechanism is called “Dutch Diamond Approach”. In the oration themed “Creating Excellent Innovation Ecosystem: Role of Traditional Knowledge and Frontiers Technology”, Prof. Arthur elaborated that universities in Indonesia experience rapid development. This can be seen from the number of human resource investments that have been made. He also mentioned abundant IPB University alumni and teaching staffs studying at WUR. On this occasion, Rector of IPB University—Dr Arif Satria conveyed achievements and innovations successfully achieved by IPB University and the three substantial factors, namely inspiration, innovation and integrity. These become a unity that cannot be separated. In addition, especially in the new era which is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA) due to the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Each academia needs to be able to understand multiple interrelated variables and this also requires complex problem-solving skills, in order to obtain complete and clear data and information. Expert for Infrastructure from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia—Ir Hari Purwanto, MSc, DIC, explained his wish that IPB University will continue to contribute to the nation and country. As IPB University is ought to advance science and technology for the nation's civilization and the people welfare while respecting the values of national unity. Whilst at the same time, the academia must as well be active in the local and global community service. Another highlight of this event is the actualization of collaboration strengthening between the two parties—IPB University and Wageningen University and Research. MoU signing ceremony was held demonstrating the efforts by both institutions in academic and research joint ties—towards broader impact to the science world and society. 

Published Date : 12-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Prof Arthur P. J. Mol

Keyword : IPB University, 56th Anniversary, Dr. Arif Satria, Prof. Arthur P. J. Mol, Wageningen University and Research