Pimnas Team Wins 2nd Place, IPB University Holds Thanksgiving

This year, IPB University won 2nd place in the 32nd National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) with the acquisition of 3 gold and 2 silver in the presentation of scientific papers, and 3 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze in scientific posters.

The Chancellor of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria said that this achievement was the result of the hard work of all parties. According to him, the synergy between the accompanying lecturers, students, and the Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development was key in achieving this achievement.

"Last year we were in the 12th position, then I conveyed that this year must be better than last year, the number 12 had to be lost one of them, missing the number one or number two. Thank God the number one is missing," said Dr. Arif Satria.

He explained the surge in achievement from rank 12 to first rank was not impossible, but to get first place there had to be more hard work than usual.

"We got second place, this is good news for all of us so we don't fall asleep with this achievement. Therefore we have to work even harder so we can get first place next year," said Dr. Arif Satria.

Nevertheless, Dr. Arif Satria also appealed to pay attention to non-technical factors in achievement. Non-technical factors in question are emotional and prayer.

"So what has been done so far is a humane effort, Pimnas participants are now increasingly diverse. Only strategy, mastery of emotions and issues of how to maintain non-technical issues," added Dr. Arif Satria.

Regarding emotional mastery, he advised not to worry while attending Pimnas activities, especially when presenting. When you are anxious, the impact will be nervous and insecure. On the other hand, the matter of prayer must also be done because prayer is an important thing that cannot be forgotten.

IPB University Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Ir Drajat Martianto said to prepare the next Pimnas, the preparation and maturation of ideas will be carried out as soon as possible.

"One of the problems faced by students when Pimnas is lack of confidence. Then the selection of a spokesperson or presenter, for that in the future will be prepared with assistance from psychologists so that students are more daring to appear confident," he said.

He further said, "Basically there are three things that make us champions, namely support from the leadership, support from the jury and of course more mature preparation." (Rosyid / Zul)

Published Date : 11-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Arif Satria

Keyword : Pimnas, National Champion II, Dr. Arif Satria, Thanksgiving