IPB University Facilitates Tenant Meetings with Prospective Business Partners

Directorate of Science Technology Area and Business Incubator of IPB University held Business Matching 2019, at Permata Hotel, Bogor (19/9). The activity that carries the theme "Meet Your Partners, Meet Your Fortune" is a series of incubation activities for the IPB University Business Science Techno Park (STP) incubator in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti).

There were 22 participants who were incubated this year and more than 20 potential tenant partners who attended included investors, buyers, local governments, banks and angel investors.
In his speech the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Erika B. Laconi said in his speech that this Business Matching activity aims to match tenants with business partners, so that the output of this activity is a collaboration with an agreement to sign a memorandum of understanding between tenants and business partners.

"The point is that business development is mutually beneficial between tenants and business partners. It is hoped that as many as 22 tenants who have become entrepreneurs can be paired and then proposed by business partners with a cooperation agreement and hopefully the tenants can be helped to continue to develop their business. So as to create a collaboration that is mutually beneficial to both parties to the maximum, "he said.
Meanwhile, Director of STP IPB University, Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah said that the Business Matching was held in order to facilitate tenants and potential business partners. How can this tenant be facilitated in terms of product marketing, capital, and technology, so that the incubation process can accelerate the development of the tenant's own business.
"Business Matching aims to bring together and bridge the tenants who need capital, markets and technology for business development with investors, accelerators, prospective buyers or other partners. The Business Matching Output is a follow-up meeting between the two parties (tenants and business partners) until a cooperation agreement occurs after this Business Matching activity, "he said.
He added that with the triple helix concept, cooperation between universities, government and industry is highly expected. The government has facilitated in terms of funding and tenant infrastructure facilities.

The role of universities such as IPB University is to become an area of research, development and business incubation as well as technology transfer in order to develop and encourage sustainable economic growth. To carry out this role, the Directorate of STP IPB University was formed which was given the mandate to manage an area of 3.46 hectares in Taman Kencana Bogor. While the industry has the role of supporting tenants in developing business.
"Hopefully at the end of the business incubation program, in the future tenants will be able to increase their business turnover, increase their workforce and increase business partners in the supply of raw materials and marketing partners. Finally, there is mutual cooperation between tenants and business partners, "he said. (AVR)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Prof Erika B. Laconi

Keyword : Directorate of Science Technology Area and Business Incubator, Business Matching 2019, IPB University