Incubie STP IPB University Achieved an "A" Accredetation

The Business Incubator (Incubie) Science Technology Park (STP) of IPB University succeeded in obtaining a Certificate of Accreditation (A) from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). The certificate was handed over by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Business Incubator Association (AIBI) to the Head of the Business Incubator Sub-Directorate of STP IPB University, Deva Primadia Almada, S.Pi, M.Si at the National Technology Business Incubator Forum (IBT) in Bali last August.

On this occasion the Director General (Dirjen) Institution of Science and Technology Kemenristekdikti, Dr. Patdono Suwignjo in his remarks stated that the government is targeting as many as 3,500 new startups within five years. So that it takes an increase in the number and quality of IBT, which is currently only recorded at 130 IBT.

"The granting of accreditation is intended to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of IBT management and services to tenants in a sustainable manner. IBT plays an important role in supporting downstreaming and increasing the competitiveness of research and development results, especially to develop technologies that are not yet ready to use to meet product standards that are ready to be commercialized, "he said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Hadi K Purwadaria as the Coordinator of the IBT Assistance Team in the IBT Institutional Strengthening Program, as well as a resource person at the National IBT Forum, added that one of the main factors for the success of an IBT was commitment, sincerity and hard work of the Head of the IBT Main Institution, IBT Head / Manager and the IBT management team in carrying out incubation activities.

IncuBie IPB University annually receives a Technology-Based Starter Company (PPBT) program from Kemristekdikti. Over the last three years (2016-2019) IncuBie has incubated 49 startup tenants with businesses in agriculture, food, biosciences and marine.

After two years of incubation, tenants have shown significant impacts in terms of the number of business partners (increasing 173%), the number of workers (increasing 51%), turnover (increasing 227%) and business valuation (increasing 269%). The incubation program includes training (technical production, business management, finance, promotion and marketing), business assistance (assistance in managing business legality, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), certification and product distribution permits, promotion and marketing, preparation of business plans and business matching for bring tenants together with potential buyers and investors.

"Hopefully the existence of IBT is able to foster new startups that will eventually be able to grow the nation's economy," said Deva Primadia Almada. [AVR]

Published Date : 22-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Dr Patdono Suwignjo, Prof Hadi K Purwadaria, Deva Primadia Almada

Keyword : Incubie STP, Rank A Accreditation (Main), IPB University