EO School of IPB University Trains Management of Student Organizations

To improve student competency in organizing an activity, the chair and management of the Student Organization (Ormawa) IPB University received training from the EO Management School (EOMS). The training was held at the Dramaga Campus, Bogor last August and was attended by 29 students. The event was packaged in the form of workshops, interactive discussions, games, and training.

"Student Executive Board (BEM) of Student Family (KM) of IPB University in the field of Achievement and Talent Interest initiates EOMS activities intending to increase the ability of Ormawa IPB University members in organizing activities. The EOMS curriculum is structured in such a way that the material presented is suitable for the needs of students. EOMS has five classes that thoroughly explore tips for organizing activities, preparing risk management and activity schedules, leadership strategies, documentation, decoration, multimedia, and publications, sponsorships, and closing with post-event management and evaluation management materials," said Ridho Saputra as Minister of Achievement and Talent Interest Coordinator.

Ridho hopes that this agenda can improve the ability of students to design and carry out activities so that student activities at IPB University have high bargaining power. "This agenda is important to proceed in the future with better levels of material and learning methods and the need for additional quota of participants," he said.

In addition to getting the material, participants were also invited to visit NET TV to find out the creative process in creating program activities. Participants also received a publication strategy material from Indra Sugiarto as CEO Entering Campus as well as documentation and multimedia strategy material from Siti Aisyah as CEO of a_story_id.

The material is about making rundown and risk management with Fahamah Syarifa. Sponsorship material was delivered by Weny Pebriani as Brad Partnership of Kitabisa.com, material about decoration by Rizka Awaliah from Glowy EO and post-event management material was given by Panji Laksono, Student President of BEM KM IPB University 2017.

According to Tesya from the EO UKM division Max!, EO schools have a variety of materials both rundown events or sponsorship, a publication strategy that is very useful for participants as implementing activities. The same thing was also conveyed by Danny as the participant who represented Vsce 2019.

According to him, EO schools must always be held, because this is a very important science because in lectures there are no courses like this. "This is important for (supporting) our soft skills going forward," he said. (RYS)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Ridho Saputra

Keyword : EO School, EO Management School (EOMS), Coordinating Minister for Talent Achievement and Interest, BEM KM, IPB University