BUKALAPAK Goes to IPB University

The development of digital technology in Indonesia continues to increase rapidly. Reporting from the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, internet access in Indonesia has reached 140 million. Another fact based on the 2018 Wearesocial report shows that Indonesia ranks 7th in the world as the most optimistic country that sees the internet as a technology capable of opening many new opportunities and opportunities and not as a technology that provides threats.

Seeing the phenomenon of penetration of internet use in Indonesia, the Bukalapak Community in collaboration with IPB University held a Ngelapak Learning event with the Goes to IPB University Community. The activity which was held at the Andi Hakim Nasoetion Auditorium, Dramaga Campus, Bogor (6/9) aims to provide insight to students that through gadgets that they hold on a daily basis, many opportunities can be exploited by online entrepreneurship.

In his speech the Director of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University, Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet said that today's young people, especially IPB University students, indeed tend to have a great interest in the world of entrepreneurship.

"IPB University has facilitated students and young entrepreneurs to develop their careers in the entrepreneurial world so that they can become Technosociopreneur. At present, there are already many young entrepreneurs from among the emerging students engaged in various fields such as food, horticulture, and marketing. I hope this moment can be used as well as possible by students, "he said.

Present as the speaker was Restya Naufal who explained the success of the Ondofish business through various e-commerce sites including Bukalapak. Naufal as CEO of Ondofish is a graduate student of IPB University who has successfully worked on aquascape equipment and materials trading.

Armed with the knowledge learned while studying at IPB University's fisheries, Naufal tried to sell wood for aquariums in e-commerce such as Bukalapak. Beginning of doing business in 2017, Ondofish sales transactions are still very few and less attractive to the public. He explored the business strategy and expanded sales in other aquascape products, until in July 2019 Ondofish business sales transactions reached 2500 transactions per month.

"This is the interest of technological development. One morning I photographed an ornamental plant before it was harvested, still enjoying the outdoors and direct sunlight. The next day this plant has spread in the hands of buyers from various regions of the archipelago. Doing business by utilizing technological developments will provide a limited market reach, let's start your business now, don't let that opportunity run aground, "said Naufal.

Meanwhile, another guest speaker, Ayudhia Putri Permatasari, who is the Community Division of Bukalapak, gave a presentation about Bukalapak and tips on learning to do palm in Bukalapak. Seeing the enthusiasm of IPB University students, Ayudhia suggested that students want to do business by being a foster at Bukalapak. The initial pelapak must have a strategy so that the store can be known by potential customers. Need strategies such as knowing the characteristics of businesses in e-commerce.

"For students who want to start a business in e-commerce, they don't have to worry about how the marketing strategy will be. There is a special community of Pelapak who hold regular meetings, so they can learn from Pelapak whose sales are already very high. Some IPB University students have also joined the Pelapak Bogor Community, "Ayudhia explained. (NR)

Published Date : 11-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Dr Alim Setiawan Slamet, Restya Naufal, Ayudhia Putri Permatasari

Keyword : e-commerce, Bukalapak, Entrepreneurship, Ondofish, IPB University