Biochemistry Student of IPB University Studies Sexually Transmitted Diseases through UBIQUINON 2019

The number of people with infectious diseases, especially sexually transmitted diseases, is increasing every year. The World Health Organization, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that more than one million people worldwide are diagnosed with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) every day. Sexually transmitted diseases that attack the sexual organs include chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and syphilis. Concerned about this, IPB University's Community of Research and Education in Biochemistry (CREBs) through the Research and Education (REDUCTION) division held UBIQUINON (Using Biochemistry to Inspect an Unique Phenomenon) activities that focus on the study of sexually transmitted diseases in Indonesia.

UBIQUINON is a seminar, talk show, and writing competition on issues related to biochemistry. UBI Talks contains seminars and talk shows that present speakers who discuss themes related to infectious diseases in Indonesia, including sexually transmitted diseases.
Dr Syamsul Falah, Chair of the Department of Biochemistry, IPB University said that this activity is a place for students to broaden their horizons related to daily events related to biochemistry, such as current health issues.

"The high increase in a disease, such as an infectious disease must be accompanied by the development of research related to the disease. It will be interesting and hopefully can motivate students to maintain health from infectious diseases and try to develop research related to the disease, "said Dr. Syamsul in his address at the Auditorium of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) IPB University, Dramaga Campus Bogor (8/9) .

Present as the seminar speaker, Dr. Husnawati, M.Sc, a lecturer in biochemistry at IPB University who explained sexually transmitted diseases related to biochemistry. Sexually transmitted diseases will disrupt the body system, the impact is complicated because it affects the immune system.

"Insight related to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is very important to prevent infection with STIs. Generally STIs do not cause symptoms at all. That is why this disease is difficult to diagnose until its complications have arisen seriously, for that, keeping yourself from promiscuity and such is a priority, "said Dr. Husna.
Meanwhile, the talkshow presented two competent speakers on the issue of sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Hanny Nilasari who is an active specialist in skin and venereal disease at the Indonesian Association of Skin and Sex Specialists (PERDOSKI) stressed that a significant increase in STI cases is very worrying. Insights or knowledge related to the hazards and risks of STIs become one of the shields to be protected from the disease.

"I am sure that among the students, especially the students who are present here, they already fully understand the impacts, dangers and risks of this IMS. We hope that the students will act as our voice connectors, as disseminators of knowledge that is concerned about health, especially the problem of sexually transmitted diseases, "added Dr. Hanny.

Besides Dr. Hanny, also present was Dr. Niken Wastu Palupi as Head of the Jakarta Health Laboratory Center (BBLK). Through Dr. Niken's experience in the laboratory, the procedure for handling sexually transmitted infections in the laboratory begins with the detection, screening, and diagnosis of diseases.

"Handling the laboratory scale of sexually transmitted diseases involves three parts, namely microbiology, biomolecular, and immunity. STI is a complex disease that must be treated seriously by the doctor concerned. I hope that young people or students always strengthen their self-protection to prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases, "said Dr. Niken.

The UBIQUINON 2019 series is also equipped with a National Student Scientific Writing Contest. There are 10 teams that passed the presentation round to compete in this event. Ahmad Nurdin, as the Chairperson of the event hoped that this event would be a step to maintaining lifestyle in order to prevent or overcome sexually transmitted infections. (AVR)

Published Date : 11-Sep-2019

Resource Person : Dr Syamsul Falah, dr Husnawati, M.Si, Dr. Hanny Nilasari, dr Niken Wastu Palupi

Keyword : STI, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, UBIQUINON 2019, Biochemistry, IPB University