Smart Talk Presents Experts to Disaster Risk

The Center for Disaster Studies (PSB) IPB University and Lutheran World Relief (LWR) held the Intelligent Talk Series 4 at the Asley Hotel, Jakarta (6/8). This year's Intelligent Talk discusses sustainable development and land management (agricultural land, forests, fisheries, plantations) related to the impacts of climate change and the environment.
"The issue of smoke and fog that suddenly warmed up in Jakarta in recent times is allegedly a lot related to land change. Even though there are hypotheses related to existing vehicle and industry emissions, certainly the influence of land cover change is more dominant, "said the Head of PSB, Dr. Yonvitner.
According to him, from this activity there were several important notes that were successfully formulated. Namely sustainable land management must adapt to climate change as a response in providing sufficient space in strengthening the carrying capacity. For this reason, it is important to build a system that synergizes and integrates gender. A comprehensive platform with various indicators is appropriate for Indonesia with its various dynamics.

"It is necessary to encourage the growth of young farmers as the strength of Indonesia's future that has transformed and the development of industrial technology as it is today. For this reason, we at IPB University are currently encouraging agromaritime 4.0. In the context of developing villages, it is important to provide support to farmers to be able to be a motor driver or champion in the long run. In the context of land management going forward, then what we really need to grow is production and land efficiency by adapting to environmentally friendly innovations and integrating disaster risk, "he said.

In this Smart Talk present were several speakers namely Arif Wibowo MSc from the Directorate of Climate Change Adaptation, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Dr. Perdinan from PSB IPB University, Nicole Hawk from LWR, Angga Surachman from USAID, Margaretha from Asia Foundation, Maula Paramitha from Agriprofocus, Suandi Darmawan from AIP Prisma and Janudianto from Sinarmas APP. (** / Zul)

Published Date : 08-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Dr. Yonvitner

Keyword : Smart Talk, Disaster Study Center, Lutheran World Relief, IPB University