Science Techno Park of IPB University Has R&D Service for Industry

In addition to serving tenants for startup incubation program, IPB University's Science Techno Park (STP) also serves industrial tenants to conduct limited scale production activities (pilot plant) as well as research and development of industrial products. The location is in the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) building of the STP area, Taman Kencana Campus, Bogor. The Pilot Plant is equipped with production equipment and machine facilities to provide production services for the development of healthy food, natural ingredient extracts, and packaging design.

"R&D services for industry include laboratory analysis services and pre-clinical testing, commercially-ready research, networking with industry, and research collaboration," said Dr. Rokhani Hasbullah, Director of STP during the Industry Gathering of IPB University STP 2019 at the Taman Kencana Campus in Bogor (8/8).

The Industry Gathering was held to introduce IPB University's facilities, services, and expertise to the industry, with the hope that there will be a collaboration between STP and industry in terms of business research, product development services, and laboratory services.

In her remarks, Vice-Rector for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Erica B. Laconi said that IPB University as the most productive campus in producing innovation has pioneered the formation of STP in an area of 3.46 hectares in Taman Kencana Bogor. Business research, development, and incubation activities, as well as technology transfer in order to develop and encourage sustainable economic growth, could be done here.

"STP of IPB University has a role in facilitating technology and innovation development to produce startups and strengthen the industrial sector through the provision of science and technology, physical infrastructure, and management support. The focus areas developed by STP are tropical agriculture, food, biosciences, and marine science," she said.

According to Dr. Rokhani, STP of IPB University provides services in the form of technical services (training, demonstration, technical consultation, business information), technology development (technology design, prototype, Intellectual Property Rights (HKI) management, technology transfer office, business incubation, technology support, business management, promotion and marketing, financing facilitation), and supporting services (production services, research and development (R&D) services, label & packaging designs, office space, conference/seminar rooms).

"Meanwhile, CRC laboratories are equipped with modern equipment to serve laboratory analysis and pre-clinical testing activities, commercially-ready research, networking with industry, and research collaboration. Laboratory analysis services include toxicity testing, drug and vaccine efficacy tests, disease modeling, blood parameter testing (hematology, biochemistry, and electrolytes) for animals, diagnostics (serology, microbiology, molecular), number and molecular structure analysis of a compound (GCMS), and gene analysis," he added.

In accordance with the purposes of the construction of the STP, the provision of pilot plant facilities and CRC laboratory is to perform a variety of services for the industry. The services not only provide benefits for the industry but also for the academic community of IPB University to find out the demands and needs of the industry, thus, the research conducted has considered the industry needs.

"Services and activities at the Pilot Plant and CRC Laboratory are expected to increase collaboration between university and industries. Cooperation between various stakeholders such as academic, business, and government is an important factor in the successful implementation of the STP functions in supporting government programs. As stated in Presidential Decree No. 106 of 2017 concerning the Science Technology Area, STP aims to develop and utilize science and technology to drive national economic growth. Hopefully, through STP, an innovation ecosystem could be created to foster new innovative, independent, and competitive startups," he said. (**/Zul/zsp)

Published Date : 08-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Dr Rokhani Hasbullah, Prof Erica B. Laconi

Keyword : Science Techno Park, Industry Gathering 2019, IPB University