PSB IPB University Searches for the Disaster Traces in Indonesia

Center of Disaster Studies (PSB), Institute of Research and Community Empowerment (LPPM) IPB University formed a Disaster Tracing team. This team searched for the trace of disasters in the north and south of Java, namely north coast of Java, Mount Kelud, Pacitan and Yogyakarta in early August. The team consisted of Dr Perdinan, Dr Syamsul Bahri Agus, Rifki Aldi Ramadhani, and partnered with Piarea and other two researchers; Abdull Basith and Ryco Farisca.

"The objective is to trace the disasters and form the strategies in disaster adaptation and mitigation developed by each location. The peak is at Mount Kelud. While at Mount Kelud, the IPB University Team traced the peak of Mount Kelud to deepen the impact and influence of climate change on the condition of the people in the Kelud Mountain environment. We want to learn more because it is related with the collaborative research in Mount Kelud which is conducted between IPB University, Gadjahmada University, Bandung Institute of Technology, and Airlangga University,” said Dr. Yonvitner, the Chairman of PSB as well as the Lead of Disaster Tracking team.

According to him, the team also observed the movement of soil activity before and after Mount Kelud erupted. Through this activity, signs can be learned from volcanic activity through soil and climate indicators.  An early warning system can also be developed with consideration of physical indications of Mount Kelud activity and land suitability on Mount Kelud.

After Mount Kelud, the team carried forward to Trenggalek, Ponorogo, Pacitan and Yogyakarta. In this journey, the team noted that long dry season increased the potency of disaster in the form of landslide.

"The southern pathway is rocky and is in a steep position indeed, potentially experiencing landslides during the rainy season. This disaster tracking program is one of the efforts of PSB to dig deeper into the potential hazards and its distribution in the country. So that in the future, it can be coordinated with various parties in reducing the risks that may occur. PSB IPB University plans to design the same program in different areas and potential risks,” he said.

Published Date : 12-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Dr Yonvitner

Keyword : Disaster Tracking Team, Mount Kelud, PSB IPB University