Preparing Graduates for the World of Work, IPB University Holds FGD Simulation

The current modern era causes the world of work to be very competitive. A wide variety of skills and knowledge is one of the demands that must be demonstrated by job seekers. Therefore, IPB University equips students by holding a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) simulation in the Faculty of Agriculture Auditorium, Dramaga Campus, Bogor (25/8).

This activity presented Frieza Sukirno, Human Resources Manager from PT Total Oil Indonesia and Indriarni Pramaningrum, Assistant Manager Employer Branding from PT Unilever Indonesia.

"The stage of recruiting employees for a company is long, one of which is the FGD. This FGD was conducted to see the abilities of prospective employees. Will he be able to survive in any different conditions and under pressure and his analytical skills and problem solving will be seen. In addition, the FGD is not to see how good you are at speaking and being active, but rather how much impact you have, "said Frieza.

According to him how to communicate the participants during the FGD was also important. Not seen from the liveliness of talking but from how big the impact of the solution provided. This FGD will also affect the career management process individually when they become employees.

"All stages of selection in the recruitment of employees, including the FGD, will later have an impact on the career management process going forward. Then what do you see individually? The first is Regular Career Conversation related to communication, then the second is Employer and Talent Developer, skill development, and the third is Analyze Your Professional, which means the ability to analyze and solve problems, "he said.

Frieza added that fresh graduates who do not have work experience can compete by showing ability and evidence of activities on campus. "Because what we did in the past will predict us in the future. Therefore, what is sought is the future potential, "he added.

Head of Career Development Sub Directorate, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (DitmawaPK) IPB University, Handian Purwawangsa said the purpose of the FGD was to see what the prospective employee's character was like. "Can solve problems and provide solutions or not," he said when giving a speech. (AVR)

Published Date : 26-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Frieza Sukirno

Keyword : Focus Group Discussion (FGD), fresh graduate, IPB University