IPB University Students Receives Personal Selling Workshop

In the series of recruitment process, a candidate is likely to be challenged to present himself in front of the recruiter from a multinational company. Several multinational companies applied the “3 minutes personal selling” method in the very beginning. Many fresh graduates are nervous and confused about what to convey in the presentation. In order to pass the selection, students must master the technique of personal selling in every step of selection.

Because of that, the Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development (Ditmawa PK), IPB University, held an event themed “Applying Jobs in Multinational Companies Simulation – 3 Minutes Personal Selling” in B1C1 Room of Faculty of Agriculture, Dramaga Campus, Bogor (18/08). This simulation was the part of the Career Week IPB University Batch 2 that was held twice a year.

This event invited two speakers; Yoshi Wijaya, the Sales Director of Johnson & Johnson and Joffa Gusthianza, the Trade Marketing Manager of PT Reckitt Benckizer Indonesia. Joffa is an IPB University alumna batch 42.

Yoshi explained that company needs someone who is flexible, determined, and competence. He thought that attitude is very important. He also said that presentation skill must always be trained. The most important step of a selection is one from the Human Resources Department.

“Personal selling is not only important for the recruitment selection, but also for negotiating to the leaders and customers. Personal selling can represent the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Many people are trapped in the career that is not aligned with their passion. When entering the working environment, many topic that we have not mastered,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Joffa explained that personal selling is a communication between people. Fresh graduates have to focus to determine which field they want to work. They also have to understand the recruitment process which consists of CV screening, three-minute presentation, psychological test, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), interview, and health screening. Personal selling skill is needed in CV screening, three-minute presentation, interview, and FGD.

“Internal recruitment in a company will always exist. Personal selling can be improved through writing. It can be in the form of introduction, telling background solution, and concluding briefly. Not all companies apply three-minute presentation. What is important in career path is 70% experience, 20% mentor, and 10% training,” said Joffa. He also advised people to be loyal to career.

According to the Head of Sub-directorate of Career Development, DitmawaPK, Handian Purwawangsa S.Hut, MSi, IPB University students have gotten their hardskill through lectures. “After getting the hard skill, students have to focus on the soft skills. It is always emphasized by the Rector that it is a shame to have great academic capability but low soft skill,” he said.

Published Date : 20-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Yoshi Wijaya dan Joffa Gusthianza

Keyword : Personal Selling, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development, IPB University, recruitment selection, success tips, trade marketing, sales director, alumni, passion