IPB University Students Optimize Gapoktan with KKN T

Joint Farmers Group (Gapoktan) is an association of farmer group which has the function as a communication platform for farmers to exchange information.

IPB University students, who were participating in Themed Community Service (KKN-T) IPB 2019 in Neglasari Village, Dramaga, Bogor optimize Gapoktan on Thursday (25/7). The activity consists of discussion about irrigation issues and the solution offered by KKN-T participants, cooperation training between farmer groups, and practicing making trap for bugs in sweet potato plants.

Starting from the concern about the lack of farmers’ participation in Gapoktan programs, KKN-T students conducted an interview with several farmers to understand their views about the issues in each farmer group. Besides that, solution offered by the students is a joint program planning between Gapoktan members with the purpose to increase the function of the organization and farmer groups’ dynamics. It is expected that the agriculture issues in Neglasari Village can be solved more easily together and Gapoktan members can be more prepared to face the rapid changes bought by technology development.

Irrigation problems are one of the obstacles in farmers’ work in increasing yields. Because of that, KKN-T students offer an alternative solution based on the observation of the damaged irrigation channel. The offered solution includes pipe irrigation, pump irrigation, and integrated agriculture method in the form of retention basin (embung) combined with aquaculture so that it can also be utilized as a container for water which can be used in one-hectare land.

The group cooperation raining was guided by Ir. Mirtarti, M.Si from Institute of Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University. The program was packaged in a simple game which make the farmers become more enthusiastic in the training.

The bug trap creation was delivered by representatives of KKN-T participants in Faculty of Agriculture. The delivery of the lesson and the practice was done simultaneously. The training is expected to help farmers to eradicate bugs so that sweet potato yields can improve.

The bug trap utilizes plastic bottle waste, which makes it an attempt to reduce plastic waste in Neglasari Village. (Ard)

Published Date : 15-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Mahasiswa IPB University

Keyword : KKN-T, IPB University students, LPPM, innovation