IPB University Students Join NTCA Indonesia-Australia Pastoral Program 2019

Alwi Salam Makarim, a student of the Department of Animal Production and Technology, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, IPB University, was successfully selected as one of the participants of the 2019 Indonesia-Australia Pastoral Program (NIAPP) program. He and 19 students selected from various universities in Indonesia will depart for Australia to learn about modern cattle farms.

The program, which has been running since 2012, lasts for 10 weeks. Participants will learn intensive grazing training covering aspects of animal welfare and handling, as well as direct learning in the livestock industry that has been run in a modern way.

"My hope is that by joining this program, there will be more real experience in the field that I can take and can be applied to develop personal business in the future," Alwi Salam said during a student release at the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), Jakarta (8/16).

The NIAPP program is the result of collaboration between the Indonesian Bachelor of Animal Husbandry Association (ISPI), Australia's Northern Territory Cattlemens Association (NTCA) and a number of universities in Indonesia. This program is part of the collaboration and support of the Red Meat and Cattle Partnership initiated by the Australian government. To date, the NIAPP program has sent 89 Indonesian students to North Australia.

"Partnership between universities and industry is very important. In addition, we use the partnership between Indonesia and Australia for activities and benefit both parties. This overseas internship program needs to be supported in order to improve student professionalism in the management of modern cattle farms. This is in accordance with the penta-helix principle, especially cooperation with universities," said the Director General of Learning and Student Affairs (Dirjen Belmawa) of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Prof. Dr. Ismunandar.

This internship can provide the development of animal husbandry education in Indonesia in accordance with changing times. In addition, it is also hoped that a persistent and entrepreneurial spirit will emerge for students who will take part in the program.

"In the age of the internet of things, Australia has gone there. We must use this technology to optimize agriculture. The spirit of entrepreneurship must emerge. Our farmers' tendency is only to manage a few tails, so it does not look fortunately. We must be entrepreneurs," he added.

Meanwhile, Chair of the Indonesian Animal Husbandry Bachelor Association (ISPI), Ir. Didiek Purwanto also hopes that this program can provide practical learning and have an impact on the livestock industry in the country.

"We also hope that these participants in the future will have a good impact on the livestock industry in Indonesia. We are very pleased, 60 percent of graduates of this program have worked in the livestock industry, 25 percent are still in college, 5 percent are working outside the livestock industry and 10 percent are working and continuing education abroad," Didiek explained. (RYS)

Published Date : 21-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Alwi Salam Makarim

Keyword : NTCA Indonesia-Australia Pastoral Program (NIAPP) 2019, Department of Animal Production and Technology, IPB University