IPB University Holds 2019 Start Up Gathering

Science Techno Park (STP) IPB University holds 2019 Start Up Gathering at the Taman Kencana Campus, Bogor (6/8). This activity is part of the STP Development and Governance Facilitation Program, Directorate of Science Technology Area and Other Supporting Institutions from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti). The 2019 Start Up Gathering has the theme "Startup Business Acceleration in the Industrial Age 4.0".

This gathering aims to support and facilitate the development of the business tenants present. Namely tenants fostered by STP IPB University, start-up activists and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Greater Jakarta area engaged in the production of goods and services.

 "IPB University Business Incubator has been established since 1994 and became the early history of the establishment of STP IPB University. It is this spirit that changes our perspective from research to research to research to business. To this day, the spirit of IPB University to continue to accelerate the business of startup activists and SMEs, we will continue to maintain with programs such as Startup Gathering and Expo like today, "said Prof. Dr. Erica B. Laconi, Deputy Rector for Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship in his remarks.

According to him, this activity can increase the knowledge and capacity of tenants related to branding of healthy food products, online marketing strategies, the use of social media for business expansion, as well as best practices from tenants under the guidance of STP IPB University, which now have national to international partners.

This time the Startup Gathering also promoted various facilities owned by STP IPB University such as the CRC Building, Pilot Plant, and business incubation rooms for tenants. It aims to show the service capacity, both in terms of facilities and expertise owned by IPB University to establish collaboration between STP IPB University and SMEs in the field of product development and business services.

Meanwhile, according to the Head of IPB University Business Incubator Sub Directorate, Deva Primadia Almada, S.Pi, M.Sc, this business acceleration program is an effort of STP IPB University in improving business development program services through training, coaching, mentoring and business matching (building collaboration) through the collaboration of STP IPB University partners.

"In addition, tenants can utilize the pilot plant, design center and packaging house facilities to increase production capacity within the 3.46-hectare area of STP IPB University," he said.

In addition, the talkshow and exhibition were held with the speakers Dr. Asna Jauhari as Head of Legal and Licensing Division of STP IPB University, Dr. Mahani from Nutrima herbal company Bogor, Davit Putra from RWP Group Indonesia, Indra Thamrin from Franchise YourTea Company and Larasati Widyaputri from PT Ecodoe Widya Candia Internasional. (NR)

Published Date : 07-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Erica B. Laconi

Keyword : Startup Gathering 2019, techno park, Business Incubation, IPB University