Improve WUR, IPB University Develops SIMWUR

IPB University strengthened the database of the state of lecturers and students at home and abroad by creating a World University Ranking Information and Data Management System (SIMWUR). The system was created to support and strengthen the Higher Education Ranking. For its implementation, the Directorate of International Programs and the Directorate of Information Systems and Digital Transformation held a Workshop on Information Systems and Data Management of the World University Ranking (SIMWUR) for work unit operators in faculties, departments and research centers. The event was held at IPB International Convention Center, Bogor (31/7).

When opening the event the Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat conveyed that in terms of improving world university ranking the important thing was information systems and databases. All activities carried out can be recorded properly and included in the system.

"WUR can be likened to games, so it must be known first how the rules of the game, the role of the game is how we win the game. It is hoped that with the World University Ranking (SIMWUR) Data Management and Data System, this data can be easily updated, "he said.

According to him at this time IPB University was concerned with four ratings namely QS World University Ranking, Times Higher Education (THE), Webometrics and Greenmetrics.

"With current technology it is possible to update documents continuously and upgrade time by time so that we can get real time data. A strategy requires preparation. With the SIMWUR system it is expected that our ranking can improve so that it reflects the capacity of IPB University as a world class university, "he added.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Graduate School who is also the Coordinator of the WUR IPB University Program, Prof. Dr. Anas Miftah Fauzi added that the government is targeting the IPB University to enter the QS version of 500 WUR along with five other State Universities (PTN).

SIMWUR is a facility to be able to update data. The contents include the number of permanent lecturers, foreign lecturers, teaching schedules, Semester Credit Units (SKS).

"Student activities such as summer courses and even outbound are also recorded. The existing system has not been recorded as a whole. The hope is with this SIMWUR, the data is recorded properly. IPB University has more accurate data so that the achievements are higher than last year. In addition, I hope that data entry will be carried out soon, for evaluation in January next year, "he said.

According to him, the assessment to enter the ranking includes perceptions with a weight of 50 percent. From an online survey to an academic correspondent for "academic reputation" by 40 percent and graduate users for 'employer reputation' a value of 10 percent.

Other criteria with a weight of 50 percent include the number of international publications cited indicated scopus per lecturer by 20 percent, the ratio of lecturers per student to a weight of 20 percent. Foreign lecturers five percent and foreign students five percent.

On the same occasion, Dr. Sintho Wahyuning Ardie as Head of the International Program Services Sub Directorate said that the workshop was to introduce SIMWUR admins in the work unit and immediately practice it.

"We invite operators in work units throughout the faculties and departments, as well as study centers. Because these units are entry points for students, foreign lecturers and those who send students and lecturers abroad. The hope with this SIMWUR, the main thing is to be able to improve the position of IPB University in the ranking of international universities. WUR IPB University in the 500th position hopefully can be achieved next year. With the ranking, of course IPB University will be more widely known so that it can contribute to the Indonesian and international community, "he concluded. (dh / zul)

Published Date : 01-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Prof Dr Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat

Keyword : SIMWUR, WUR, Prof. Dodik IPB, Prof.Anas IPB, Qs, Webo, Greenmetric