FIA 4.0, Female Friendly Application by IPB University Students

A group of IPB University students noticed that there was an imbalance in the role of women in three main aspects of development, in addition to the fact that the high female population in the demographic bonus of 2030 directly confronted with industry challenges 4.0. To that end, they make innovations for women's empowerment that focus on increasing soft skills and hard skills of millennial women.
The innovation offered is in the form of the first women's empowerment application in Indonesia under the name Female in Action (FIA) 4.0 Application. Innovation FIA 4.0 by Zulfa Fauziah, Salsabila Ariana Putri and Reza Rifat Basya is included in the Student Creativity Program in Constructive Futuristic Ideas (PKM-GFK). This application, which focuses on millennial women aged 17-23, can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
The Chairman of PKM-GFK, Zulfa said this application can be a place for consultation and an effective reporting place on issues of sexual violence and discrimination faced by women. Users can consult with health experts and expert psychologists. In addition, this application can also be an effective place for self-development because there is also a curriculum upgrade feature for soft skills and hard skills that is an online training module feature.
"This application is also a gender responsive education tool by presenting four superior features, namely FIA Post, FIA News, FIA Skill, and FIA Video. FIA Post is a feature that contains a collection of inspiring stories from women who want to share their life experiences. Through this feature they can send stories to be shared with the public. FIA News contains a collection of motivations, inspirational articles, education and information in the form of health and history for women. FIA Skill contains a collection of soft skills and hard skills articles that are equipped with information about activities that can be done by women. The FIA Video contains a collection of educational, motivational and inspirational videos that are updated by adjusting the needs of women, "he said.
This application is expected to be a driving force for millennial women to actively take roles according to their respective passions. So that the participation and quality of women can be even and equal in the year 2030. (Awl / Zul)

Published Date : 18-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Zulfa Fauziah, Salsabila Ariana Putri dan Reza Rifat Basya

Keyword : FIA 4.0, PKM GTK, IPB University