Exchange Business Management Experience, BPU Universitas Brawijaya Visits IPB University

In the framework of Business Benchmarking, Universitas Brawijaya Business Management Agency (BPU UB) visited the Directorate of Business Development and Entrepreneurship (Dit PBK) IPB University, (8/8).

The entourage of BPU UB totaling six people was received directly by the Director of Business Development and Entrepreneurship, IPB University, Dr.  rer  nat Jaenal Effendi, S.Ag, MA accompanied by all subdit heads, staff, and managers of each business unit at Dramaga Campus, Bogor.

The group from BPU UB who attended included Dr.  Ir.  Adam Wiryawan (Secretary of UB BPU), Dr.  Bambang D. Prasetyo, M.Sc (Director of Planning and Finance), Dr.  Herman Suryokumoro, SH.  (Managing Director of the Academic Business Entity), Dr.  Ir.  Anthon Efani (Managing Director of Non Academic Business Entities), Prof.  Dr.  Ir.  Woro Busono (Managing Director of the Agency for Expertise), and Dr.  Atim Djazuli, SE (Managing Director of the Entrepreneurial Incubator Agency).

In his remarks, Dr.  rer  nat.  Jaenal Effendi, S.Ag, MA said that this visit was proof that there was a synergy between IPB University and UB, so that they could share about existing business management.  "We can build a synergistic business relationship between IPB University and UB," said Dr.  Jaenal

"We are very pleased to be able to visit IPB in the hope that we will get a lot of experience from IPB University on business management that has been running for longer so that we can apply any experience here in UB," said Dr.  Ir.  Adam Wiryawan.

The discussion program which lasted approximately two hours then continued to visit the location of business units in IPB including Agrimart and Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP).

On this occasion the Vice Chancellor for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship of IPB University, Prof.  Dr.  Erika Budiarti Laconi, MS welcomed the visit of Brawijaya University in Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP).  At the end of the visit, hopes for the future between IPB University and UB can jointly establish good relations in order to support each other's better business progress.  (YL / AUN / ris).

Published Date : 13-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Prof. Dr. Erika Budiarti Laconi, MS

Keyword : Business Benchmarking, UB BPU, Dit PBK, IPB University