BPN Allows IPB University to Utilize 32 Hectares of Land in Jasinga

This year IPB University received a permit to utilize 30 hectares of land in Jasinga. The permit was granted directly by the Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR) / Head of the National Land Agency (BPN), Dr. Sofyan Djalil during the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IPB University in Dramaga Campus, Bogor (15/8). This collaboration between the Ministry of ATR / BPN and IPB University is related to the use of land for research, education and innovation development.

"Today, I will explain the objectives of giving the land of 30 hectares in Jasinga to be used as Forestry Laboratory IPB. This MoU is the beginning of the process of transferring land ownership from the Ministry / BPN to IPB University. In this first MoU, we give the opportunity for IPB University to utilize the land and the second MoU will give ownership of the land to IPB University in the form of a grant," said Dr. Sofyan.

Meanwhile, the Rector of IPB University, Dr. Arif Satria said that this partnership is a blessing for IPB University. The land will be useful as Forestry Lab.

"IPB University and ATR/BPN have long had good relations and synergized in education, research, innovation, and community development. IPB University is happy to accept staff from the Ministry of ATR / BPN to continue their studies at IPB University. The collaboration will be very effective because the issue of land and agrarian reform will always be a hot issue at IPB University," said Dr. Arif.

On this occasion, the Chairperson of the Land Draft Bill Work Committee (RUU) as well as the Deputy Chairperson of the House of Representatives Commission II, Dr. E Herman Khaeron explained the prospect of the Land Draft Bill (RUU).

"The concept of integrated data coincides with the administration which is also integrated. This Land Bill ensures that land administration in Indonesia can be regulated by the Ministry of ATR / BPN without the need to overstep the duties of other ministries. Since 2015,  it has been discussed in the previous DPR period, but the Land Bill has not yet been successfully completed. We would like to thank all parties, both from the government, the DPR, and of course the academics so that finally this regulation can be passed by the end of September this year,” he said.

Meanwhile the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Information Systems, Prof. Dr. Ir Dodik R. Nurrochmat conveyed the importance of integrating land data in Indonesia.

"One thing that should be our passion in managing agrarian policies in Indonesia is  integrating the land data. We must also ensure that the land policies owned by the Ministry of ATR / BPN and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry do not overlap. We must cooperate together for one another, to ensure that every inch of land in the Republic of Indonesia must be integrated,” he said.

Published Date : 17-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Dr Sofyan Djalil, Dr Arif Satria

Keyword : Ministry of Agriculture and Spatial Planning, Forestry Laboratory, IPB University