Bogor Mayor Promotes Mother School During International Seminar Held at IPB University

"Bogor City is currently developing the Mother School Program as a collaboration with the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) IPB University. This program collects thousands of mothers in Bogor with the aim of strengthening the resilience of the family. Mother School was made to rescue the family of problems while increasing the capacity of the mother in the care of the household and educate their children and dealing with her husband too, "said the Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya while giving a speech in the 2nd International Seminar on Family and Consumer Issues in Asia Pacific (ISFCI), in the Lecture Hall Building C School of Business (SB), Bogor (5-6 / 8). The seminar participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan.

Speaking of family, not only with infrastructure but there are other factors that must be considered is the psychological aspect of the family. Capital School led by Prof. Ujang Sumarwan, Professor of FEMA IPB well as Dean of the University is the first step to realize the Bogor Family Friendly Cities and Child Friendly Cities. 

According to Prof. Ujang, Bogor Agricultural University's commitment in favor of the city of Bogor as Family City became one of the programs conducted by FEMA through scientific dialogue with the City Government. 

"Bogor is becoming one of the cities that are very responsive to the development of the family in the vision. I think it's unique, Bogor possibility it's the only city in Indonesia which clearly puts the family in a vision where the various aspects of all development from the standpoint of family glasses, "he added.

This international seminar aims to bring together experts in family studies, child development, and consumers. Expected to emerge thoughts that help families and family members to resolve the various problems arising in the digital era. 

"Often families do not have the ability to solve its problems. Support from other parties and one of them is from experts is needed to solve the problems in the family, "he said.

Therefore, speakers who attended the event, which was held Ministry of Family and Consumer Sciences (CCI), Fema are teachers and practitioners of family and consumer sciences from several countries. As Yasuyuki Takahashi of the University of Niigata Prefecture, Japan, Dr. Youjeong Park, Jaerim Lee and Prof Dr John Brady, T. PhD from Seoul National University, Korea, Professor Tengku Aizan of University Putra Malaysia and Prof. Ujang Sumarwan of IPB University of Indonesia.

Material discussed is Challenging Child Issues in Japan and South Korea, Familiy Challenging Issues in Malaysia and South Korea and Challenging Consumer Issues in Indonesia and Global. (AVR)

Published Date : 08-Aug-2019

Resource Person : Bima Arya, Prof Ujang Sumarwan

Keyword : Capital School, Family and Friendly Cities Child Friendly Cities, and Family Friendly Cities Child Friendly Cities, Bogor Agricultural University, Bima Arya, Ujang Sumarwan, Department of IKK