Torbos: Instant Noodle from Torbangun by IPB University Students to Alleviate PMS and Support Lactation

There are many young women and lactating women complaining about their personal problems, such as pain during periods and low milk production in lactating women. Such conditions can bother women's everyday activities.

The problems can be alleviated by consuming processed food to reduce the pain during periods and to increase milk production. Five IPB University students, Ipik Julpikar, Rahmatun Nisful Maghfiroh, Alifian Gigih Pangestu, Hendriani Wijayanti, and Iffah Nabilah made instant noodle from torbangun (Coleus amboinicus L) leaves. The product was included in Student Creativity Program in Entrepreneurship (PKM-K) with the title 'Torbos Instant Noodle: An Innovative ASI Booster and PMS Fighter Solution'. The process was supervised by Dr Nancy Dew Yuliana.

"The lactagogum content in torbangun plant can alleviate menstrual pain and increase milk production in women. However, torbangun tastes bitter if eaten directly or after boiling. So, we process torbangun into instant noodle, because it will be easy to make," said Rahma.

The process of turning torbangun into instant noodle include several steps, which are the boiling of torbangun leaves which have been washed before, blending and mixing with other ingredients, and molding into dry noodle. The flavors available are soto, garlic chicken, and curry. The price is Rp 7.000,- for each packaging and the noodle can be bought from the Instagram account @torbos_noodle and resellers.

Not only females, males can also consume and benefit from the noodle. Ipik as the leader of the team said that there are male consumers who bought the product. Besides lactagogum, torbangun also contains antioxidant to reduce free radicals, so the noodle is healthy for any gender.

"We hope with this noodle, other producers can be inspired to utilize Indonesian local ingredients," said Ipik. (Ard)

Published Date : 31-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Ipik Julpikar, Rahmatun Nisful Maghfiroh, Alifian Gigih Pangestu, Hendriani Wijayanti dan Iffah Nabilah

Keyword : Torbos Instant Noodle, PKM 2019, IPB University, Torbangun