Tirai Anker, Breast Anticancer Tea by IPB Students

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases because this disease contributes to a large number of deaths. Breast cancer and cervical cancer are the biggest scourges of cancer in women. Various methods of treatment for breast cancer continue to be pursued. The hope is that an effective and minimal side-effect treatment method can be found. Treatment that still poses a lot of risk and high rates of breast cancer sufferers makes three IPB University students carry out research innovations entitled Tirai Anker (Teh Sitral Lemongrass Anti Cancer) to test cytotoxicity and anticancer activity of citral lemongrass in breast cancer. This innovation was successfully entered into the Student Creativity Program in Exact Research (PKM PE).

Lemongrass types of plants that are often used by housewives as flavoring because they can add to the smell and taste of the food. Not only is it known as one of the spices that enhances the aroma and taste of cuisine, lemongrass is also often used as a room deodorizer. Not only that, it also has anticancer properties.

Lemongrass is processed into oil and is then isolated from the anticancer compound in the form of citron oil. Lemongrass oil contains high levels of citral compounds that are known and have been used traditionally in tropical countries in various health treatments. The content of citral compounds in lemongrass reaches 85 percent. This sitral compound has high activity in killing cancer cells. Testing the activity of cancer cells is done by using breast cancer cells. Various previous research studies and testing of the results showed that citral compounds can be considered as potential candidates for anticancer agents especially breast anticancer.

"Lemongrass is processed to get essential oils, then we isolate citral compounds from essential oils," Silvi said when explaining her research innovations.

Teh Sitral Serai Antikanker (Tirai Anker) is the work of three students of the Department of Biochemistry at IPB University namely Surya Pangidoan Nasution, Silvi Octavia Kurniawati, and Indah Rachmawati under the guidance, Dr. Drh Hasim Danuri, DEA, managed to get funding from Kemenristekdikti.

During this time the treatment of breast cancer in the community is by surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy which raises several risks and impacts for sufferers such as tissue damage, wounds and infections of the intestine, and immunity to certain drugs. The innovation of cancer cell treatment from compounds derived from natural ingredients will minimize the side effects of cancer treatment therapy.

According to Surya, this study has advantages, namely cancer treatment, especially breast cancer made from natural ingredients, uses abundant raw materials and explores the use of lemongrass or lemongrass as herbal medicine. Expectations in the future will be carried out research and further studies on this innovation, then the isolation of citral from lemongrass can be tested on cancer cells further up to the stage of clinical testing and can be a commercial anticancer product. (RYS)

Published Date : 16-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Surya Pangidoan Nasution, Silvi Octavia Kurniawati, dan Indah Rachmawati

Keyword : anti-cancer tea, lemongrass, citral, IPB University, student innovation, 2019 PKM