The Friendly Toilet by IPB Students is Suitable for Wheelchair Users

IPB University students created an innovation called Wheelchair-Friendly Toilet (WC Friendly) that is equipped with toilet and bidet for those with disability. This unique innovation successfully becomes one of the finalists in the Students Creativity Program in Creation (PKM-KC). WC Friendly is designed by students from the Department of Agriculture and Bio-system Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FATETA), IPB University. They are Sindy Oktaviana, Salma Dillah Ikbaar, Hanang Krisnadi and supervised by Dr. Slamet Widodo.

Salma Dillah Ikbaar, one of the team members of this PKM-KC conveyed than excretion is one of the essential needs of the living creatures, including the elderlies. WC Friendly is made from the concern of knowing that the elders must bear the pain while having to squat down when defecating. Besides that, many wheelchair users also have difficulties when they have to go to the toilet. Therefore, the WC Friendly PKM team has an idea to create a wheelchair that is equipped with toilet and also bidet (a small, low bath in which a person washes the lower part of their body) to ease the process of peeing and defecating to the wheelchair users. This allows them to not go to the toilet to urinate or defecate.

Furthermore, Salma added that the working process is very easy, just by opening or closing the cover part of the seat to do defecation or small water and turning the faucet for the cleaning process. The center of the a wheelchair is perforated and given a cover so that it can be opened and closed easily when you want to defecate or urinate.

"At the bottom of the wheelchair is equipped with a dirt container in the form of plastic which is contained in a box. After the user has defecated or urinated, the user can clean it by turning the faucet located next to the wheelchair to remove water from the back of the wheelchair. Currently, the flow of water from the tank located on the top of the wheelchair utilizes gravity. However, my team plans to lower the water tank and install a pump to push water," she said.

The WC Friendly team hopes that wheelchair users can get convenience from this wheelchair and excretion process can be done independently.

WC Friendly innovation from a wheelchair is generally a wheelchair that is equipped with toilet and bidet. Wheelchairs on the market so far, only equipped with toilets. The cleaning process remains in the bathroom. Meanwhile, with WC Friendly, users can defecate or urinate, and clean themselves in a wheelchair. In addition, this wheelchair is equipped with sound simulations that can disguise sound when the user defecates or urinates.

“This innovation can be a solution for wheelchair users with difficulty in going to the toilet. They usually use diapers, but it is not comfortable and produce a lot of waste,” closed Salma.

Published Date : 06-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Sindy Oktaviana, Salma Dillah Ikbaar, Hanang Krisnadi

Keyword : WC Friendly, wheelchair, students, PKM KC, IPB University