Strengthen Women, IPB University Students Examine the Phenomenon of Agripreneur Superhero Women

Creativity cannot be limited by age and gender. This makes it not only men who deserve to be entrepreneurs, but women, especially women, are now increasingly showing their work in the business sector. This is also the background of students of Agribusiness Study Program and Economic Development Study Program, Faculty of Economics and Management of IPB University who are members of the Student Creativity Program in the field of Social Humanities Research (PKM-PSH) 2019 to examine the 'Phenomenology of Urban Agribusiness Entrepreneurship in Urban Cities Bogor '. The team consisted of Gentur Ngudiharjo, Rival Sandika and Aulia Dina Wahidah, guided by Dr. Yusalina, M.Sc.

Gentur, chairman of the PKM, said that the motives of the mothers chose to become entrepreneurs including fulfilling household needs and obtaining freedom in economic matters. However, this is also supported by social motives, namely by choosing to do entrepreneurship at home, mothers feel closer to family, can establish friendships with other entrepreneurs, help others by providing employment and achieving self-existence.

"The type of business carried out by these mothers includes processed food and fresh vegetables with varied business capital, which is above and below one million rupiah. Gardening activities are also routine and some are not routine. This depends on the mothers who make agricultural business as the main business or just a side business, "said Gentur.

The income earned by these mothers varies, especially the farming and gardening that is occupied is done in groups.

The income earned by this farmer group ranges from 300 thousand to 30 million rupiah per month. This is due to the different backgrounds of each mother, namely there is a focus on farming as an effort to earn a living and others only make farming as a side business.

Gentur added that the majority of agricultural commodities from the farmer mother group focus on toga plants. All of these female entrepreneurs have ginger plants, as part of the BEJO competition program by PT Sidomuncul. In addition to toga plants, some others have cassava plants, vegetables, and fruits. To increase the selling price of the product, the mothers also processed the produce into banana chips, cassava chips and red ginger powder.

In addition, this group of farmer mothers routinely takes care of the garden which is done in groups every week.

"My hope is that anyone who is out there, especially those with family economic constraints, is highly recommended to become entrepreneurs. Because, being an entrepreneur can also help the family economy and transform themselves into independent women. In addition, being an entrepreneur is not just just running a business, but also has social benefits in the form of having lots of friends and places to chat, "concluded Gentur. (NR)

Published Date : 20-Jul-2019

Resource Person : Gentur Ngudiharjo, Pahmi Idris dan Aulia Dina Wahidah

Keyword : Superhero, Women, Agripreneur, IPB University, PKM 2019, student innovation